QoL - Turbo level dragons / Towers

Just a suggestion on leveling up.

  • Feature Description

As a WD player I would like to be able to level up towers and dragons with minimal finger taps / mouse clicks.

As towers and dragons require more and more levels the burden if play increases.

Particularly into the hundreds as you need lots of mouse clicks to harvest a farm, return to the upgrade screen, upgrade the tower and then to re harvest farms / RSS packs to keep leveling.

I recently took a tower from 1 to 135 and I needed 645 screen clicks to accomplish this task. ( including opening packs and the “tick” at the end to build the tower.

This will keep getting worse over time.

I think it would be great if we can remove 80% of these clicks.

  • User Story One - Feature Toggle

Add a new toggle in settings called “Auto level settings” with default set to off.

Players who have specific levelling needs can continue to use the classic way to level. Turning the toggle on enables a new button on tower levelling and dragon levelling screens.

  • User Story Two - Divine Dragon levelling

Let players level up dragons to each dragon evolution tier and skip all intermediary food stages.

I.e. I have a brand new L1 divine dragon and I push Powe level up button once I use one evolution stone and my dragon goes from L1 to L22 i.e. the next tier.

The food required for levels 2-21 is auto deducted from my account. If I don’t have enough food a warning box will prompt me to use X number of food packs to complete this task.

With this method a player can go all the way to tier n-1 and at tier -1 all levels must be done manually and the new button greys out.

Essentially 19 levels instead of ~125ish.

  • User Story 3 - tower levelling

This one is a bit trickier due to some people levelling non wood towers to 25 and people wanting to stop at 75.

As tiers get cheaper and things change and the sweet spot by player will change.

In the settings mentioned in user story 1 the players should individually set the increment from between 2-99 and it should default to 25. I’m guessing some players will prefer 10 and others 5.

Others will just want to leave the feature off.

When clicking the turbo level button the game will use the preset value selected in settings. Assuming my preset is on 25 then :-

A game prompt will say " you sure you want to take your Ice Turret from 1 to 25?"

Total cost is 10.27 days in timers
5,300 Ice Shards
430,000 wood from storage hut
0 wood from wood packs

If you don’t have enough RSS then it will say you are missing X RSS.

  • Testing

Standard automated / manual regression testing as per standard procedures.

Test Case 1 - Dragons - level with food that is available from storage hut

Test Case 2 - Dragons - level with food that is available from storage hut and where 1 pack is required. Test upto 20 packs required to ensure it works. Count packs actually used vs inventory as per game test account.

Test Case 3 - Dragons - level with food that is available from storage hut but where some but not all the required packs are available.

Etc. I doubt no one ever reads this so I’ll leave it here :slight_smile:




Omg yes please. Great ideas


I’m unsure how pg would feel about it’s monetary value or if they’d think to use this but sign me up besides that might actually be the normal amount of days to upgrade a lvl 1 tower into a lvl 25 tower.

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But yes, a way to speed through all the leveling would be nice. Trying to level up a baby tower is so tedious. I have the timers, I have the wood, why do I need to tap 600 times?


I use a droid emulator on my PC for fort :stuck_out_tongue:

RSI issues :frowning:

Making 6 ice and fire turrets every day of fort is a killer for me.

I like auto-levelling, but think that incorporating food packs would be problematic, and then force people to use rubies to buy food.

I see this one as being more like the Auto-breed function. You can use instant breed, or use auto-breed which you can stop at a certain point. Instant Build, or, Auto-build maybe which stops for you to gather wood from farms as needed to continue the process.

I like your thinking. These pain points are as you say, only going to get worse.


Would possibly make people want to farm resources more often outside of fort and breeding, however problems might arise in fort mainly and possibly even breeding so somehow the resource amounts need to increase if this is ever implemented.

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I think it should only use food packs and specify the number of food packs prior to pushing the button as per screenshot I just added.

Fully agree we don’t want rubies to be anywhere on this new feature. If not enough food packs then can’t process the upgrade.

And of course if people don’t like this feature then they can just leave it off.

I’m just not looking forward to 1,000 clicks for L155 dragons in 6 months time. Doing it 2-3x a season is a pain!

Would be nice if we didn’t even have to claim lumber from the mills and the game will just account whatever is still in the mills for turbo.

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i thought game doesn’t support emulator :thinking:

Works fine for me (android)

It’s slower than phone but I can at least use an ergo mouse.

Maybe it doesn’t work for apple or maybe only certain droid emulators work. Not sure if I am allowed to post it here.

I can get the game to load via Nox emulator. Attacks is a totally different story. More often than not, that initiates it to crash and then it just repeatedly crashes over and over until I uninstall and reinstall the app.

As long as I don’t do any attacks, it seems to be okay on the home base screen. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some people have already used most of their food packs, so they would be blocked out of this feature.

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Guess they can get them cheap enough from old Reginald if they wanna use the feature.

But even without food packs they should be able to go from 1-90 easy enough which is still better than the current system

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I believe current dragon leveling is good enough already. As long as we have enough rss, one click is enough for one level

On the other hand, requiring 3 actions (level it up, speed it up, and confirm finished tower) to do 1 tower level up isn’t nice.


No worries- just from a UIX design standpoint I just dont get the point of making 30,000 people click through all the levels when the desired outcome is getting to L135. Soon 145. In a few years 185. X 2-3 dragons every season.

But if that’s something you personally enjoy and a good use of your valuable time then you can leave the feature disabled and click away.


I would prefer an instant level up so I can just fast click with no extra graphic animations :grinning:


I love this idea. I dread fortification anymore due to the hours and hours ill spend clicking clicking clicking and watching useless animations.


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