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My ticket

The reply


Gotta love those auto replies.


After updating the game, my storage reset to 26 days.

Ever heard of a “Mass response”? Well, that’s probably it. You just have to wait for someone to take a look at your ticket.

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I don’t think that this post is addressing the issue of mass responses in general—in this case it’s the fact that the response was completely unrelated to the support ticket OP sent in. :t_rex:


What are you exactly trying to point out? The moment you SEND your ticket there’s an auto reply that says it is being REVIEWED by their team. So I would assume that their next reply is actually something helpful. You clearly don’t need to point out that it is a mass reply since I basically wouldn’t post this if I didn’t know it was. My point here is that it is pointless to send a ticket when they don’t even read it. How can they solve a problem that they don’t even know? :man_shrugging:t2:


Yep, but from what I know it’s like this. “Oh, we’ve got this kind of issue? Let me inform the players.” then players go “WTF, this is not my issue.” I guess for me, being informed is a good thing. Maybe they’ll go through the tickets again and address my issue this time. Not like, “THIS IS NOT MY ISSUE AND I’M GONNA GO APESHIT”. Know what I mean?


Well, this is my point. It’s good that they’re informing us of the current issues. Next time you get this kind of message, you’ll know that it’s a mass reply. All\s well that ends well.

Peace. :innocent:

When you press contact support you are there to address a SPECIFIC problem you are experiencing in game. I am clearly not sending a ticket to know what problems majority of the players are experiencing and why would I bother knowing a problem that I don’t even have? Clearly player support shouldn’t work like that.

When you’re in a remote place asking help from your government for food because you’re starving and you get a responded with “We know you have a shortage in school supplies, we’re gonna send in school supplies to aid you”. Is that helpful? Because that’s the same case.

Mass replies shouldn’t be a problem if they were sending it to people who are actually experiencing the same problems. Clearly I have no problem with mass replies but I do have problems with them not addressing my ticket properly.


Well up to you mate, I’m not the one having problems here.

No need to be hostile yo, and I don’t need to educate anyone since I’m pretty sure you can read and write.

I don’t know if you have ever contacted support, but it usually goes like this:

After receiving a stupid completely unrelated reply, you can say “Hey, thats not my issue. My issue is -xxx-.”
What then happens is that you get another reply which is about a completely different issue, however still not the issue youre talking about. :roll_eyes:

Just give up on customer support. Last 5 tickets i’ve sent must have been handled by someone with an iq of less than 50, as reading the issue is clearly too hard. Can’t be bothered anymore.


Have you asked to escalate the ticket?

Well, it’s probably this. It’s either you’re too rude and Support shrugs you off, or be polite and they’ll help you in any way they can. Anywho, not my problem anymore. I just don’t like whining too much, it’s like being an irritating brat.


Is your atlas up now? The mass response is triggered by support getting overwhelmed with tickets. It might be filtered on key words.

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I’m not asking you to teach me how to read and write. I’m asking you to tell me what are my chances of my ticket being reviewed again since you’re telling me that maybe it will be reviewed again.

I’m not being hostile and I am definitely not being rude. You using the terms “apeshit” and “little brat” is what you call rude. :man_shrugging:t2:

And if you see this as “whining too much” you might as well just ignore this thread. The exit is always open :wink:


I reinstalled the game and it’s back now. It’s just annoying to see such reply.

Mine came back normally a couple hours after the update when the maintenance ended. Lot of weird sync errors inthis game.

I have tried it before and this is the first time I’ve been replied with something completely unrelated. :sweat_smile:

100% chance first reply is unrelated to ur actual ticket if ur using key words like Update, during an update :joy:

TLD, ive always been polite to customer support, until the point i realised theres just no point and i stopped filing tickets.
No need for the smileys combined with an underhanded remark about us being irritating brats. Its just my experience that support handles tickets horribly. You may have a different experience. But that does not mean we are “irritating brats”.