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Should have rephrased it to “after you broke the game” :rofl:




Lol somebody has zero clue how support works :joy:

Keyword mass replies are meant to capture 80-90% or the responses. The remainder will need actual attending to. Imagine if they had to actually respond on a custom basis to every whiny player out there lol


Well that’s that! Bye! (exits out)



Imagine if they were actually doing their jobs :man_shrugging:t2:


I think the idea of how support works need to be addressed. First line support is a separate company employed by PG. This is not uncommon. These reps know little about the game, but field a f**k ton of basic questions from players of all levels, especially newer players.

When there is an issue that spans across a large percentage of tickets, they send out a mass reply to all tickets hoping to solve a huge portion of tickets. If you have a ticket open for a different reason, simply reply to it saying “this doesn’t solve my problem” and you’re back on track. It just happens that the timing if your ticket, OP, was right around this mass mail in support tickets.

Secondly, for things so basic as not having Atlas after an update, I recommend not even opening a ticket. Delete, reinstall, and wait a small bit. If that doesn’t work, check the forums. First line support will not be able to help you past this and chances are the answer is either reinstall, a little bit of time, or help from a higher up in support anyway.


Having issues with my submitted ticket also. Trying to be patient :weary:


expected ticket count might be around 1k~2k so mass response is needed to sort some. Unless you don’t want them to do that and have to each check each ticket and would most likely take days to get a response.


I used to send a ticket and let one PX (not PGJared) know the ticket number (if the answer doesn’t satisfy me)
I wonder if I do the right things…


Mine was responded to by Eggtoken. I expected better from him, but even he clearly didn’t look close enough, just assumed I didn’t know how things worked and decided to explain it to me. :triumph: Very frustrating.


I have a ticket that was opened on 5/3 that was never resolved. They closed it without responding to my last message. So I opened a new ticket on 5/12 and still no response (beyond the auto response) on that one. I finally sent a PM to Jared yesterday and I’m waiting patiently for a response…
Pretty frustrating though.


This right here. So tired of the “Atlas won’t open, gotta send a ticket fast and hope for a compensation” players. SMH


Atlas won’t open and atlas is missing are two different problems and clearly I’m not asking for a COMPENSATION all I wanted was my atlas back (it’s back) :relieved:


LoL sorry that wasn’t mean’t for you. :grinning:


You submitted a ticket about an update during a period where we were getting a massive amount of tickets relating to another issue regarding the same update. If we didn’t send out a bulk-reply for that issue your ticket wouldn’t have been addressed for at least 3 days.

That said, I agree that we need to be doing fewer bulk-replies. That’s a directive that’s been given to the team, and all queries used to determine bulk-replies are being audited by our staff. We also have a system in place to prevent a ticket from being bulk-replied to twice, so if you get an incorrect bulk-reply and respond to it the agent HAS to respond to it by hand.

(To be clear these rules have been in place for a month or two; it’s not like we just did it in response to this conversation.)

The thing to understand when we’re doing bulk-replies is that the issue being bulk-replied to is 80% or more of our current ticket volume. Of that remaining 20%, a small % will have sent a message that hits on one or more of the keywords / tags that the bulk-reply searches for. Let’s be generous and say that it’s 5% of ticket volume. So we’re responding to 80% of users and providing a single incorrect information-only reply to 5% of users. It’s not ideal, but it’s a volume I’m not totally against.

Now, when it comes to agent knowledge of the game, that’s a different issue altogether and something we continue to work to improve.

If you receive a bulk-reply and respond to the message you have a nearly 100% chance of it being reviewed again.


I found my evil twin here on this thread with the exact same portrait :eyes:


There was one response from support before, it was posted in this forum. Support said to the player to “Just continue playing the game” lol funniest reply ever :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


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