Quality of Life suggestion for Dragon’s Den



True again about riders. Also being able to add a rider or change riders for dragons on perches without having to put them in your active roster.

Some of this is really great no-brainer QoL that should happen.

Just like being able to see our inventory should be a thing but that seems to be lacking traction as well.


I can sort my pokemon four different ways and search them by name, stats, and special features or status, including readiness to evolve. If only this technology were available to PG.

If we’re talking minimal changes, I’d love to see my roster while I’m choosing, or at least a count of spaces in the roster vs. dragons selected. Also why show the locked dragons except to trigger obsessive collectors? Just hide the dragons we don’t have and make the page a lot shorter, at least for new players. It could be an option.

I’d also like some of these features for runes.


I agree with all of this :raised_hands::raised_hands::clap::clap: :t_rex:


That is some hard work to help PG improve their product. There are many companies that use concepts like “Lean Signa 6” and “Continuous Quality Improvement” to make things they’ve already done better. Pocket Gems is not one of those companies. At the risk of boring you all, I had a similar list a few weeks ago. Some stupid ideas like “Eliminate the countdown to invite friends”, but also a lot of good ideas I still stand by. None of those ideas or your ideas will be implemented. Developers could make many small tweaks to improve functionality


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