Quality of Life Suggestions

I’d like to make a quick list (and everyone can add here) some small parts of the game that could be improved to help game play.


It’s about small improvements to the game that would allow for faster or easier game play.

I realize that SOME of these may not be possible, but it doesn’t hurt to ask :grin:

  1. Speed up end of battle animations of the dragons used. The screen I refer to is where all the dragons used appear and you see their XP earned and you have the option to train them. The slide in from the right to center one at a time. Could they all slide in together or slide faster or have less hesitation when sliding? In a big atlas battle, every second counts.

  2. Dismiss some animations on a screen tap. Example, after I complete a dragon mission, there’s an animation of the XP potion after I claim it. It would be nice that I could just tap the screen and make it go away as opposed to being forced to view the whole animation. I applaud the beauty and the overall attempt to make the experience of the game visually nice, but it would also be nice to speed it up.

  3. Deleting teams on passage. I have FAT fingers … and even on my iPad and iPhone 12, that trash can icon is sooooooooooo small. Can it be a full button, one that fat fingers can easily click on? Some more spacing between the teams on the list would also help.

  4. In atlas events, when you have a prize available to claim, the rewards wrap down and overlap the prizes below. Its just kinda ugly to see that wrap and overlap. They could be hidden or truncated while the CLAIM button is visible.

  5. Daily payouts are oddly delayed. If you are in game looking at the castle, when the clock hits zero, the bounty harbor immediately pops up with a check mark indicating its ready to claim, BUT the team meeting hall often times just resets the clock and you have to log out / in multiple times or just leave the game altogether before the check mark appears and you can claim the treasury.

It’s a short list for now, we can all add our ideas below. Again, this is not for glitches like lag, but general QoL issues that may get overlooked.


Another one is

  1. Choose to ignore NEW spell. I love the fact that this automatically appears. It is a very useful video, BUT for some dragons (like Mythic Divines) I’ve already seen multiple videos on how to use the spell and just want to skip it. It be nice if that little X always appeared to close it out. Besides, you can always view it later as that option remains available at anytime to go back and see it.
  1. Let us act on primarchs from the primarch finder results list. Tapping on the tiny arrow should bring up the prim’s pie menu or similar.

    Even for uncrowded castles this would be faster than backing out and tapping on an interesting primarch. But at crowded castles it will be maybe 10-20s faster, that’s huge in terms of both practical battle implications and frustration/sentiment.


Note that putting things on another long list, one of which is posted at least once a week, is not the best way to prevent them from being overlooked.

as noted in another thread, there’s not a better way to do it sometimes. things inevitably get buried.

Claim all bronze chest option or like the autobreed where I can choose how many chest to open.


I wouldn’t mind an ‘are you sure’ button in the instant breed tab. Also make it easier to see how many egg tokens you need to finish the breed.

For me, i’d also like to be able to put in the number of egg tokens i’d like to use rather than the number of breeds as that seems like guesswork, unless i’m missing something.

and bring back hats … that has nothing to do with quality of life, but hey … they were sort of fun.


Not really guesswork, at least no more than tokens. Number of breeds is just number of tokens divided by the cost of one breed attempt.

Problem is if one breed is 7 tokens, and you enter 100 tokens, it would have to change it to a round multiple of 7. Easier to just let people enter 14 breeds (= 14*7 tokens = 98 tokens), which is always possible.

  1. This game needs to have an option where you can find players by writing their names instead of writing a mail. It will be a little irritating for others if we just write a mail with nothing in it or a ‘.’ or 'hi" and those types of things.(let me know if this is a good suggestion to make the game better)
  1. There Should be a primarch finder where we just have to right the name of the person who we are looking for. (of course they should have atlas ) Lower levels have a lot of problems to find a primarch to farm glory as they cannot defeat tough bases. So if they could find some level they can defeat, they just have t type that person’s name
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You mean like this?


!!! I havent found that in ages

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Click that little dragon I circled when you’re in atlas. :wink: Happy hunting.


Purple circle :eyes:

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I get the idea, but there needs to be another way to specify the number of egg tokens you want to spend.

Either that slider needs to behave like altas troops training one ; OR

Enable us to enter max amount of tokens to use. The system can easily round down to zero modulus if someone bothers to code it right :grinning:

One more suggestion, topics which are dead or solved for a few days should be closed as fast as it can, whats the use of a topic staying open for 30 days unless a moderator closes the topic (I’m not mentioning this topic)

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The post will automatically close if there isn’t much engagement in the thread anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

  • A thread closes 2 days later if a post has been marked “Solved”.
  • A thread closes a month later if there has been no post marked “Solved”, and nobody has talked for a month.

Moderators sometimes close threads on their own anyway. If anyone else wants to say something before it closes, they will. Otherwise, there is no issue since it closes by itself eventually.

Isn’t one month too much (for me).Also if topic is solved then whats the use of the topic cant it just close when it’s solved because there really is no point.

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I don’t see a solution marked here? nor is a quality of life suggestions thread ever going to be fully solved or completely dormant as new ideas are put forth regularly it’s called a ongoing discussion and if no one has a anything to add to further the conversation it will close on its own :man_shrugging:After 30 days

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It would be nice to be able to copy the text on the in-game chats. Sometimes there is information in there that is I interesting to keep and it’s annoying to have to transcribe it. It would make things easier.