Quality of PG FO support


Hi PG,

Can you please do something with the quality of your frontoffice. The quality is so bad that I have the feeling that they are troling me.

It’s like 90% of your support isn’t capable to read a question and because of that give answers that have nothing to do with the question, or is already asked and answered before (multiple times).

Maybe its an idea to stop paying the employees (or players) for every conversation closed and remove the template answers. Or make a rule that if someone starts a conversation for the second or third time that te question is routed to more experienced employees.

If you like I can ad screens of the conversation I have since Thursday and ongoing… And all this time I can’t play!

With kind regards,



Would it help make sense if I told you help isn’t in the front office but half way around the world?


Yes and no :grinning: it’s still a frontoffice aka “1ste line” even if they are not posisiont in a office that doesn’t have to be an issue.

There isn’t enough focus on the quality only on quantity and that’s a bad thing. A lot of company’s make this mistake, thinking it’s saves money but it doesn’t.


I frankly think support/help is overwhelmed with the amount of issues in this game thus causing hurried support answers.


That maybe true and if so it wont change when they keep working this way. They have to improve the first time right in order to reduce the contactratio.

They can start with an up to date Q&A’s, update the tutorials, create an more advanced ticket template with minimum requirements etc.

There are so much more options that will im prove the current service without investing a lot of money. It’s a choice; do you care about your costumer or not?


@PGJared of any other active employee on this forum:

Can you please have a look at my account and the tickets and give me some more info regarding the issues with sync errors?

my ticket is closed for the 8th time (i think, i lost count). This time my ticket is closed with the message that they are examining the sync issues.

i haven’t been able to play since the issues started (my progression isn’t saved). The lack of communication is unacceptable, please do something.

With kind regards,


PG Dave deals with Atlas & won’t be able to help you with this. Check the link for the suitable team member to tag:


oops my bad! thanks!


you may at least say what kind of ticket you are sending to support because if it is something technical that would require an engineer, then they can’t help you until the engineers does their job.

unless you want the supports to meddle with your account that would break it and unable to be reverted back.=


i’m afraid i don’t understand you. What do you mean with; support meddling with my account and that it will be broken?

it was a technical ticket, it is closed for the 7th time and my issue isn’t solved and i dont know what will happen next and how long its gonna take. My account is unplayable since wednesday night.


like what Jared said in past post.

anything that needs special interaction to your account would need an engineer. Support isn’t an engineer so their field is only limited to crediting items, checking logs etc.

example of that would be from a player (forgot the name) that has sync error due to his perched dragon (missing nydryr i guess). Support can’t do anything about that and will have to wait for the engineers to do something to the account. They can only forward it and wait for the engineer to do their magic.

good thing CampusLifer went there and i think he helped him fixed it?


@BAZZZ1NGA, I just checked your tickets. The reason that this issue is taking longer is because your sync errors are stemming from a technical error. There are engineers looking into it, but it does take a bit more time to diagnose what the exact problem is.


Thank you Arelyna. You just provided me with more information then I got from 4 days of contact with support.

Can you tell me what the average solvingtime is of similar cases? I’m not gonna use it against you or your coworkers…it’s just that not knowing what to expect is the most frustrating of all.

Again thank you for your answer and hopefully you can answer my question (an educated guess will do)


Do you have a dragon rider with reduced construction time on a perch dragon? If so, bind it to a dragon other than a perch dragon.

Also, they do tend to close technical tickets if it isn’t an issue specific to your account and/or requires something more than support can do. It’s a bit weird that there’s not a reference to a broader tracking ticket to check for updates, but that’s the way things are; this is also game support vs enterprise, so \o/ .


No, I don’t have a dragonrider on a perch. It could very well be the perch, that’s causing my issue. I am upgrading my perch ( over and over again the last 4 days :see_no_evil:) I’ve tried some different dragons after I saw your reaction, but that didn’t solve the problem. Any other thoughts?

I’m surprised that your ok with the way things are. It’s 2017 not early 90’s. Just imagine that your internet provider treats you this way, would you take it so lightly? I’m stunned that a company as PG treats their customers like a piece of sh*t. (PG: If this is offensive language then maybe you should improve your service, because i cant think of an other word to describe how I (your customer) feel.)


I can complain all I want, but the one handling my call can’t do anything unless the technician on their end moves.

I have complained a lot of times on my ISP due to slow or no connection, but they can’t do anything since I recently found out that there was a connection cut on the line and needs to have a technician who can handle that go to our place and fix it.

I can be angry all day, but at the end of the day, we’re just giving stress to the one that is receiving our complaints while the one that actually handles it are trying their best to make it faster.

Imagine having 1 technician go to 100 places in a day. 20 might get happy, but the 80 customers will get angry because its taking quite a lot of time for the technician to go to their area to fix the connection.


That’s 2 different things. You’re talking about the time it takes to solve a ticket, i’m talking about the time it takes to get a ticket. That’s what i’m upset about. if you’re ok with having to call 10 times to your ISP before someone takes you serious and makes a ticket, then you’re either the easiest customer ever or working for PG :wink:

I’m upset because i pay PG more then i pay my ISP monthly, and it took 4 days (with a minimum of 40 messages to support) to finally get the feeling that someone is doing something.

If PG tells me that its going to take another week, and they give some more information about why it takes this long, i wont, i can’t be mad because i’m informed. if it takes another week after that because its more complicated then expected and they tell me that at the end of this week, i wont be mad, because they inform me… its all about communication and managing expectations


well, it is hard to give a deadline to be honest.

most likely, if they provide a deadline and it can’t be fulfilled, a lot of people here will ask for compensation. just wait for them to do their magic. if you keep on sending ticket 3-5x a day, then you will get rejected and only 1 will be responded to.

If you are using the new CRM (i dont know if thats the correct word), then the more you send, the more your ticket gets delayed. I think Jared said this one last week i think?



That’s not the case. i have sent multiple messages to support, they we’re all a reply on a message they sent or in case they closed the conversation, a new message with an brief explanation of the problem. i’m not complaining about the ASA (average speed Answer) i’m complaining about the quality of the support (see also the subject of this post).

i don’t really understand why you are defending PG?