Quasar runes/glyphs

One more question about runes… Any suggestions how to fill the last spot? :slight_smile: Rage? Hp? Decrease black hole cooldown?

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The best thing I can say is… do what you feel you need the most.

Rage problems? Rage rune.
Feel black hole is taking a little too long to come off CD and you could use more HP? Use his leg rune


Thats the problem, his leg rune gives atk, not hp… I saw on yt that many experienced players put rage there, but I don’t actually know why… :smiley: On the other hand, my whole fire gear is lvl 1, so I can’t really test him on bases above my tier yet :slight_smile:


This is the one time i’ve used all the dragons runes. I feel like cooldown on black hole is more important than extra rage or HP. IMO this dragon doesn’t need any rage, just OE runes and HP.


Rage rage

This is how I personally have mine set up. I found I needed more HP than anything else to really amp up my spells damage output.


Definitely fly it and see what you feel is needed. I went primarily HP since you want BH to deal as much damage as possible and be able to survive hits while trying to kill the blue mage and a little extra rage is helpful


is the 1 second cd reduction really worth it though since it boosts dragon attack instead of HP?

and all its spells are HP based…

*Passive (Nebula Beam)

Yes, that 1s could be the difference between a howitzer hitting you or not. Plus you need the blue mage to be dead for event horizon to be able to work so a little bit of atk isnt bad to have. Especially if you’ve been rage drained


good point, thanks

Mine has these on him. I chose to keep his legendary rune for the half a second faster Black Hole spell.

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I would equip HP Rune(At Least 5% HP) but if haven’t go for Legendary Inevitably. That’s all u need to know @Rudson89

It hurts me to see Lockjaw’s rune not on Lockjaw :cry:

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Judging fRom the lv of your quarsa
Lockjaw is still usable

ich hab meine Drache so gemacht. geht auch super

My LJ is perched :slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you all for your answers, lookes like we have a lot of different opinions here :slight_smile: Mythic Rune of Pride would be awesome, but I suppose this rune was available before I started this game, cause I have never seen it obtainable from any event. So I suppose I will go for another HP, especially that I don’t have so many mythic rage runes and other dragons need those more :slight_smile:

Tbh if pg give the rune of pride back im Willing to do leos line but without it
Leos is worthless