Quasar vs. Lockjaw

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I would like to ask ppl, who have both of these dragons, which one in your opinion is better? This might give me a clue what to do this season…

If you had to fly one of them, and perch the other one, what would you do?

I don’t have either, but from watching gameplay videos, I would say Lockjaw is better.

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You can’t compare them IMO. I have Quasar but no Lockjaw.
I wanted to have a speedier dragon this season, even though the last seasons dragons I had were Hunters - Noctarn, Hauhezen, Cavalore. Quasar isn’t easy to use when defended against big bases but with the right timing he is really potent. It will not destroy a 100B base defended by 3, but he can really wreck a base for starters. It’s not the mindless warrior that kills everything …
Lockjaw was a good dragon, but IMO Quasar has a lot more potential. And yes, Quasar will end up on a perch once he becomes useless for me. Which can be two or three months from now.

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I never got Lockjaw. I chose Hauhezen, and I’m content with him as well. He’s a game-changer, which is a bit of an understatement because I would still be hitting down if I didn’t have him.

I had anticipated for this season to be my saving season, and I still have no intention of spending any rubies or opening any chests — but based off of what I’ve seen in videos, it is clear to me that Lockjaw is better. Quasar is good too (despite what players had initially thought of him), don’t get me wrong… but LJ is better.

So I second this:

Yes, Noctua 2 as she was called. My mistake. I modified my text.
Thank you :pray:

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Quasar :heart_eyes:

For end game player, I would like to know the comparison between Quaser and Garnath

This isn’t even a competition I can say and I have them both. Quasar ia much more powerful. My Lockjaw is 18.4B and my Quasar is only 14.4B as I am leveling its elite gear still and all those pieces left to level are hp pieces which are key for a warrior as for Quasar.

One single defender will never shoot Quasar down unless huge errors by flyer. I flew against a well known player who has a 40B base or so and asked two persons defend it and told em to hammer spam me all they want plus their ten supershots. It didn’t make a single dent on Quasar. @OneEyedBunny was one of the defenders and can confirm. We are both swedes but that’s just about our only connection besides playing this game so you can see that if he validates it, I have nothing to win here. We are on different alliances as well.

I can’t wait for gear leveling event and get this evil dragon up in AP and also finish Venus so I have the right rider I want for Quasar. I wonder how nasty it will be then. Somewhat long CD on Blackhole spell is just about the only thing minimal tricky with Quasar.

Its a difficult comparison to make as most players do not know how to fly lockjaw.

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I fly LJ a little differently than most on here. Probably because I’m always hitting up. If I fly like most of the videos (casting explosive shield on the turn) I typically die. Due to the shield getting depleted immediately, so I freeze first as a shield, then cast the shield two seconds later roughly, then freeze once towers are unfrozen again if need be or wait a moment to freeze howi on front of back island.


Don’t have Q, do have LJ.

With the right setup, LJ can hit up 4x AP or more comfortably defended. Imho he needs some rage (but not Xandra lvl), use iron wind judiciously and prioritize Tyrants Fury.

I was looking for Q videos during the discount period, and didn’t see anything similar. I’m not end game, so final evolved AP is irrelevant in my case.

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As Quasar can’t be experted before next tier is released that is difficult to do. I don’t have Garnath but have defended loads against it and it absolutely the most powerful of the three mythic verdants. I see same problems with quasar and garnath and it is rage drained - then they will with certainty die. With rage and using spells correctly they are unstoppable. My quasar never dies unless triple defended and hammer spammed like crazy. Double defended its only problem is the cool down on Black hole spell, having the legendary rune on shortens the CD but you loose the power of the BH-spell as you don’t have extra hp from a mythic rune.

I think Garnath is like when we had Mordred, it will be used by very many players until it is obsolete. I think Quasar will outlive that and will be viable for a longer time.

So what AP is your LJ and what base DP defended (1, 2 or 3) do you take with it? I would say it would impress me extremely if LJ took higher defended bases than Quasar can do and that even at a much lower AP on Quasar.

At lower tiers LJ is incredibly powerful and can hit up a ton

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I don’t have exact numbers right now because LJ is riderless. But in last PvP, I was 170ishM and hitting 800M defended very comfortably. In war I tend to stick to 400M- 600M because defenders are much more hammer happy.

I think LJ is great even at high tiers. It’s just a very difficult dragon to fly on long islands (especially with the howi in the back half).

A teammate highly suggests checking out this video by GoldFangSniper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsixdbOs2H0

Edit: The highest I’ve ever hit up in war is 1.76B undefended. Needed to use Battle Cry to get the extra damage boost. I think the base had 1 blue in the mid-long and the howi in the back.

How is that a valid comparison? :thinking:

Q is a higher tier in the comparison lol

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Why are you comparing completely unrelated levels? You’re looking at abyssal Lock and comparing it to eldritch Quasar?

“Level 80” is completely meaningless, compare both dragons at the same den level if you want to make comparisons.


I know GoldFangSniper very well but when I say that my Quasar takes out 80B bases when at 14b AP I am not joking. It is only when triple defended and hammer spammed from hell that Quasar struggles with very high bases. In my opinion very many has just decided that Q aint as good as it really is.