Quest changes. My idea to replace it with multiplayer trials


Please consider changing some of the quests.

Please consider introducing trials style quests to replace the current offerings.

They all seem pretty lame.
Level a dragon 5 times seems out of place.
Transfer 1000 wood. Well OK.
Join, no dragon. That’s not good time management.
Join up to 20 attacks with a dragon. More busy work.
Defeat 25 bases well above my level. That’s not fair depending on where you are in the game.

So we’re looking at 20-50 attacks, times 2-3 minutes, to get the 3 quests done sometimes.
Ms Mercy me!

No wonder we have a fair share of people on my sapphire 1 team that boycott the event completely.

My suggestion is to replace it all with a Trials like event that also allowed joining others for the team play aspect.

A lot of us like trials and would like to see it often as a gauge of our performance.

Allow others to join as long as they have the appropriate colored dragon in their roster.

The little taste of trials we get is often missed all together by almost all teams below plat that can’t reach it, or because you miss the timeframe that trials is available during the pvp.


I don’t think that I’ve ever had this.

So you’re trying to replace a sub-component of the events with an actual event?

I’m not following or understanding what you are trying to get across here.


I believe you can end up with that quest if you are a low enough level. But I’ve never seen it for a recent quest. If I’ve ever gotten a similar quest, it was long enough ago that I’ve completely forgotten it.


This Alt is a lvl 41, and I’ve seen it. I agree it needs to go except maybe for lower level players during breeding or feeding events. Also, the 25 attacks (yep on MsMercy) is a waste of my time and I just ignore. The 10 defeats aren’t bad, also the revenge 5 is questionable as I normally don’t revenge. Pg needs to rethink these a bit. They are supposed to be quests not time / rss wasting efforts. I’m ok with the donate 1000 lumber or 1000 food as it forces a player to either stay online or come back on in 20 mins to do the last 2 donates which encourages team interaction in TC. Usually I do a Quest after doing some runs in the event and split for awhile to do RL things.


Like I said, the level up dragon only shows up if your player level is low enough. At level 275 I’ve never seen it as a recent team quest.


Yeah, for those at that level you better have your wallet ready to make up for the XP and Food you’d need to level the higher tiered dragons 5 levels in a few hours.:joy::joy::joy:


I think that happens during breeding events. Hoping you level a baby dragon.


Even at my level, I’ve never seen that quest during breeding or feeding events after PG tweaked the potential pool of quests. There was a lot of backlash from higher players about the dragon training one… and the breeding new dragons one.


My mini got both during the course of Kingdom Wars, I think. They are still alive and lame at the lower levels. The leveling one persists up to about level 100, maybe.

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