Quest Chest Issue as a result of the server problem (maybe)

So, my team and I noticed that we lost sigils as a result of the issue with the server. I don’t know if anyone else did.

I’d like to know if anyone else noticed that we were robbed of sigils and whether or not PG devs are going to fix that too?

Are you SURE that you fully understand how the team quest chests work?

Reason i ask is that if it shows “Chest 9”, you are really at chest #8 and you are WORKING ON chest #9. Once the progress bar fills up then you have that chest.

Refer to my chart for the values


An incomprehensible interface decision by PG if you ask me, but Mech is right. What you see when you click on the chest during the event is not what you’re getting now, but what you might get if you reach the next level.


I misread the topic I thought about the following:

  1. Problem when quest/s is about joining a team mate
  2. Problem when quest/s is about supershots
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We were working towards seven, as in it showed chest 7. Unfortunately I didn’t screenshot it because I didn’t think this would happen. However, I will certainly screenshot everything from now on.

Which we would have finished of course if we could complete the quests (follow your team mates/defend bases)

I took multiple screenshots of ours; we were 550 points from getting the level 7 chest (10,500 of 11,000) which we get as a minimum every event, when the can’t follow can’t defend issue started. 5 hours of prime time when most of us are typically online and finish our quests. We didn’t make it, were only able to knock out some 10-point ones, like revenge 5 times that could be done solo. Finished 310 points short.


Oh gotcha, i misunderstood the problem then. So your team quests weren’t able to be individually completed due to the server problems not allowing joins or defends.

This definitely is a problem then.


No worries the compensation of 500 pearls,500 tokens and 100 rubies will make up for it… :slight_smile:

We still didn’t the 50 or 40 sigils though which sucks but yes we were unable to finish and much like @John16309 we were close to earn the seventh reward.

Here was ours. I started thinking it might be a problem whenever my alt was attacking and no defend banners appeared…

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Our team wasn’t as effected, we ended up around 22,000/25,000 on chest 10 so not really any hope of making the final push due to a few of us being busy in real life

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