QUEST generating engine suck!

I am not going to start flaming here about how quests are not really worth the time, but hey, its engine has to be worked on too. seriously.

I am level 220 and I received to do these quests:

  1. 45 attacks with ICE ELEMENT dragon and the strongest ice element dragon I have is TARAND!!! it is not even in my roster. How on earth will I complete these quests with tarand? So now I have to waste 90-135 dragons just to complete this quest?! :slight_smile: and why this ICE ELEMENT was even picked up?!
  2. after that stupid quest with I didn’t do for obvious reasons I’ve got another amazing quest: 100% kill of 45 bases of level 245 :))))))))))) wtf!!!??? HOW?! with backup?! who gonna back me up 45 times in 24hrs for 60 sigils prize?!

I always thought quests are generated based on dragons in your roster, your level and your actual “capabilities” and it has met my theory till last 2 days, only now I have realized that I was just lucky :slight_smile:

it is great idea but with stingy PG attitude this ideal will die very soon. I have checked our team activity and it dropped dramatically, if in the beginning we had no activity in maybe 5 players, QUESTS during this fortification event had no activity in maybe 50% of players. I guess it will drop even more and maybe we will even join the mass boycott, coz it ends up that this event is just ridiculous. I just saw someone posted an image where it says do 70!!! attacks for 60 sigils prize :smiley: what an absurd!



I’m level 257 and haven’t found any of those quests to be beyond reasonable. All of them are more a grind then a challenge.

The 100% of bases level 245 or higher is actually pretty simple if you know where to look…

A lil birdie in the forum said to use Evas and a red tier dragon with death gaze. You’re lucky to get 60 sigils since 45 sigils has been the max for me. :+1:t3:


Attacking with ice element just use whatever the lowest ice dragon you have is and swap straight away you don’t have to 100% the base unless it’s the other task.


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You know you can pick a red/purple/blue tier to attack and quit as soon as the dragon fly. I have a few red tier low level that I didnt level them up so it is really quick in healing

deathgaze on evas. if you see it worth to get 60 sigil, grind it else skip it. It only offer me 45 sigil on that quest

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thanks guys for such quick response and advises. I haven’t heard about Evas. I knew some other maps which worked for a while but its lifespan wasn’t too long tho, PG has banned it. I am afraid that such great map as Evas (especially being posted here where PG reads) will be banned soon too :frowning:

I just wish that PG would create these quests the way, that we wouldn’t need to grind by creating different empty maps to use red tier dragons and so on. less grind - more fun (grinds ain’t fun, it makes ppl frustrated LoL), and this game (thats why we have started to play it in the first play) has to be fun, right? :slight_smile:

on the positive side, Quests make people to defend, what makes game a bit more fun and challenging (sometimes even annoying LoL) but it adds dynamics to it, coz for quite a very long while no one ever cared about defense of their base, unless its war.

thanks guys for tips once again! :hugs:

I believe the original intention of team quest is rewarding active and very active players for their activity. However, like the other WD features such as the sacred grand Mega Coin, it’s purpose changed. Players choose to grind due to its prize, forcing them into what’s called false activity (or if I may borrow @Tinsir 's words, Penitence Crusade , WD style).


You still have to admit 45 attacks 100% with 45 sigils reward not worth the time. I rather sleep and rest.
Just sayin.

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there are a very few rewarding ones, i consider 550 tokens and 30 hammers most rewarding.
Sigils are good too, but a bit less for that grind. Remaining are trash

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Yeah I agree for the 550 egg tokens.

My quest is for level 50 bases! lowest level ever … I’m 151! :heart_eyes:

For anybodies perusal if they want

This is my data pull sheet from a combination of game files and in game verifications.

First Page is all team quest items nicely laid out
Second Page is all of the available quests along with their rewards (and % chance of rewards in some cases)
Third Page is a small strategy guide for running these quests as efficiently as i know how

I will throw a bit of caution that there are rune equip & upgrade quests in the game files but have never come across them in the wild. Verification would be nice. Same with a random dragon breeding quest that sounded like it required you to use tokens to complete it…


You deserve a “special” pic Mech. Brb. :kissing_heart:

Edit: Here it is bud. Peruse at your leisure :wink:


If you are having trouble killing a 245 when you are a level 220 you should probably think about working on your dragons. BUT I totally agree. I just don’t do those quests. The reward isn’t worth my time.

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I got a rune equip quest! It was well before I was able to equip runes, maybe at level 12. I think it was supposed to be the easy one that day.

Awesome thanks for confirming. Do you know any more details of it? Aka actual text that was displayed or how many you had to do?

Trying to post a pic of a “hot chick” I see :laughing:

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That “hot chick” is NAKED!!! Get it a team, quick! :joy:

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