Quest minimum and Slider for base boosts

Why not have a minimum score for quests that the team sets. If you dont hit the minimum then you dont get any of the rewards.

Also, can we get a slider for the base boosts? The tapping to get to 14 days is a bit tedious…



The first part I know has been brought up before, and it meets with about as much negative response as positive - basically, the idea that “If you can do that for quests, why not for all team prizes,” followed by “If they aren’t meeting the standards you demand, you can either get them to change their behavior, change your standards, or kick them.”

The second part has been brought up many times, and seems to meet with widespread approval. I guess it’s just not high on PG’s priority list.


The slider is on the list: War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion
No status update in over 6 months though so I guess its low on the list.


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