Quest quest runs NOT being counted. WTH?

Event quest runs not being counted. WAS advised they’d they knew out it. They suggested sitting until The bug is fixed? Seriously? Then how are we to compete

KOTH hasn’t even started though?

Which quest tasks are you specifically trying to do? Is there a caveat to the quest like a certain level or % or anything?

Referring to the individual quests prior to the start of KOTH. My last quest is obliterate 80 bases at level 175 or higher. Need 100%. I’ve made 13 runs meeting those criteria, and none have been added to my total.

Correct. THIs is prior to KOTH. This is in reference to the individual quests.

The 45 hammer quest isn’t counting past 44 for my quest. No answer from pg.

I just put in a support ticket about this. My egg token missions aren’t counting either.

Convinced base wins are not counting sometimes, not even showing up in chat as wins with x assisting.

OMG is this still a thing??

I remember when that first came out, it took our leader about 3 minutes to decide to turn it off
(and even a shorter amount of time for her to like this post haha)


Why ever would you NOT want a record of every assisted attack??


Thanks for bringing this to us! We’ve sent it to the team for further investigation.

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