Question about breeding divines

So I was looking at some of the divines, and it appears that while some are breedable, you need past divines to do so. So as past divines at this point we’re a one time only does this mean that I’ll never be able to breed divines outside of seasonal and the occasional dodo line?

At this time, divines are not breedable. You can only get their egg and evolve stones during their season event.

Haven’t seen a Divine that could be bred, which ones do you have that can?

There are very few breedable divines, most of them that say they are breedable require past divines:
Sobek+Jaculus = Droyeuse

The only breedable divine for the average player is Donivalis, and is only unlocked during specific breeding events. I know that you can use Dodo+Dodopyyr=Donivalis, and there is usually one other pair. I think it is Yersinu and Hugin.

Keep in mind that wasting breeding tokens on divines doesn’t help unless it satisfies your habit of gotta catch em all.

I wasted token on Doni on my main to get an event prize, only ever ran Doni on XP bases and saved a few healing potions every day. Now that Thunderstorm is red, he is pretty useless.


Don’t waste precious tokens on anything “divine”. Stick to the lineage breeding and you’ll be much better off.


They all had to be bred back in the day but only for the month it was that divine. You would needed to get all the frags then use tokens to breed them after. Last i can remember getting through that method was infernicus.

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