Question about champion riders

Hello ppl, need an advice.

I have node 64 collected and went all for Grogg. It’s enough to get him to lvl 55, which is enough to make this setup: Grogg - Neon War Dragons
I actually don’t see any other important nodes on his skill tree, so if I’m not wrong, it means that it’s completly senseless to claim the remaining 100 shards from the branch. Am I missing something? On the other hand 100 shards wont give anything spectacular on other riders (which I don’t have at all), so should I just go for those few chests available? It’s just… collecting 5 draco and 8 gold chests instead of rider shards sounds wierd to me, but like I said… Maybe I’m missing something :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance for your tips.

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I haven’t looked into it closely as I didn’t get that line as as all those riders kinda suck. But yes, if you can claim all the nodes you want I don’t see why you would continue.

But are you sure you are looking at the rider lines right? I thought they were adding unique spells or something for the champion riders? Damn I need to start paying attention again.

Well, I’m mostly focused on progress this season, cause the mythics are not impressive either. So the branch with 100k+ egg tokens looked like a good pick for me :slight_smile: Rider is just a bonus xD

Ya then if you are just after the eggs stop after the last eggs…

Are you going for mythic, then ye get the entire branch

Im gona get entire branch anyway. My question is, whether should I collect rider shards, or it’s senseless and I should go for those few chests?

Do you have those riders if not get them I use those riders for my atlas quest gold missions

When they extended the Rider skill tree, they priced the line like:

  • If you have all three, you can claim all the new “good” nodes after for all 3 by completing the entire branch.

  • If you don’t have any, you can claim exactly what same number of nodes as above, but for 1 rider, by completing the entire branch

What they didn’t realize is that the “filler” skills in the first 50 levels can be bypassed, so there has been a litany of requests to give the older players a free reset so we can effectively reduce the number of shards we need to claim (NOT how they priced the line)

So I think your thinking of it right.

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Have they been granting the requests for the free reset? and how does one bypass the
undesirable nodes?

Free keys you didn’t know