Question about defense rider and perch level

I’ve heard the perch level affects the bonuses given by the atlas defensive rider, and you need a level 30 perch to actually get the full bonus it gives. I assume the new season rider will work the same.

My question is, does the perch level also limit the decreased construction time perk?

If it does, I want to get my perch as high as possible before next fort. If it doesn’t I’d much rather do my building after the rider is there, and I can build with a discount.

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Yes it does

Yes, yes it does.

At L1, your perch will debuff by 50% and will scale linearly to a 0% debuff at L30

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Aww now I really really hope there are black pearls in the rider line. At least I know not to expect the full bonus yet.

Current event has a fair amount of pearls in gold chests

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More than during breeding, but still only 10.5 average per chest… Still need 8500 for a 30 perch so don’t think gold chest will get me there any time soon. Still hope there’s at least a few k in the rider line.

I hope so too, but what can we expect from PG ?
If they are generous they will give us 300 black pearl on the whole line :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Tanok 2nd page
Prize 40: 250 pearls
Prize 51: 400 pearls
Prize 54: 400 pearls

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