Question about dragon attacks

Got a question can someone tell me how a dragon can go from doing 40 to 50% on a base. Then same base last night and today doing 10% same dragon same boost. Nothing changed

Um, I think you’re going to need to give a bit more information. What base were you attacking? Had hp boosts for the towers been added?

Also were you using the same dragon every time? and if so which was it?

If the base is the same, the dragon is the same, and all boosts are the same: only explanation is the supershots order/timing. Sometimes a base doesn’t fire AI supershots early or the AI uses ineffective ones, sometimes it uses the right supershots at just the right time.

Andy. After the event started. I got a dragon up 5 levels. Now that one dragon I was using can’t touch it anymore. Base is the same. Nothing changed

What dragon are you using?

If it was a dragon that had battlecry at all, there was a bug with it that was fixed

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Slax. I got videos to. I was able to get 40 to 60%. Now I can get 10%

Was working great till after event started. Now not so good

How’d you manage less than 10% with a dragon with invincibility shield and vines?

Right I got AA up 5 levels. Then it stopped working

maybe post the videos… might be able to narrow it down


It will not let me add it here

Post it on youtube, then post the link to the video here.

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One works fine. And the other. Not so good after event started

Maybe the perch boosts?

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