Question about dragon theme

0i have tried numerous times to go to the link listed in the news posts on game for the dragon theme voting-- I have been trying for about a week-- 1st time was immediately after seeing the post-- how can I access or is it only for certain people to access???

Hey there!

The link was to a Google form where folks could submit their choices for which theme the next community-made Dragon would be. The poll is now closed, unfortunately, but we will be revealing the new theme on the War Dragons social channels later this week! :smiley:


There will be plenty of further opportunities to help create this Dragon together, and we’ll have more news on that in the coming weeks, too! ^^


I am just curious-- I am basically on none of the social media-- I do not Twitter, seldom on facebook, Instagram is gone, and I ha c.f. e tried numerous times to get on twitch and it does not work-- any other options???

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