Question about effecient Inner Fire usage 🦖


Hey forum friends,
A little background: I’m in Platinum 1 and I’m a relatively low level (128) compared to the players in teams we’re PvP-ing against. I have to attack 70-100 levels above me sometimes just to get 90-100 points. That’s a bit disheartening to me, but it’s how it is.
I’m not calling for a point payout restructure at this time because I’m sure that isn’t happening soon and it’s been brought up before. But… I’ve got 225 Inner Fires and my question is: should I be using them on the attacks I can handle (which net me around 70-80 points per attack) or should I be saving them for attacks with better point payouts if I find an easy high base to attack (I admit that I haven’t looked hard enough at targets yet, but the teams we’re facing all have damn solid bases). I don’t know what would be more effecient in terms of overall best point earning.
Any feedback? :t_rex:


I’m not an expert or anything but you could try using them for the high level yet easy bases that give good points. That’s what I do and also; why haven’t I seen you around? I’m in Platinum 1 as well


Hah idk! We will meet one day I am sure :grin: :t_rex:


Get backup. They give you an IF and you return the favor.

This is the BEST approach to every PVP.

The goal is to get the final team achievement every time. Those team achievements total more than a full price line for the entire team.


Thanks Savage. My team’s got no trouble getting that final achievement during feeding and fort but PvP is a different story and I sure do perform poorly due to the level thing. I usually don’t like asking for backup because I know everyone’s got their own attacks to do :see_no_evil: but hey that’s what a team is for eh? :t_rex:


Literally one reason why I prefer P4 to higher teams :sweat_smile:. Also, timezone reason.


I find it interesting when you ask noob questions, because most days you talk like a pro :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You could save them all for Wildfire attacks, if you’re short on inner fires, since you’re not limited to soloing the base in those, and just need to hit 70%

But yeah, teammate assists are definitely useful :slight_smile:


The game feeds off individualism but the rewards for proper teamwork are huge.

It’s worth the trouble and time to properly coordinate.

Try it.

The final team ready is better than the next two individual sigil rewards (and those are very expensive to obtain).


I’m just gonna sit back and prop my feet up on these easy bases in Platinum 3. :grin:

For real though, I’d say hit as high as you comfortably can and use two or 3 inner fires if you have to to finish the base.


Hehehe, I’ve still got a lot to learn from the more experienced people. I want to know as much as I can and I like to ask questions.

I definitely make sure I’ve got enough IFs for Wildfires :ok_hand: Even if I have to open a few Bronze chests (which I also make sure I have an emergency stock of!)

Agreed. Now if only our bigger players were on to help me haha :see_no_evil: Eveyone in my team tends to come on at midnight-1am my time. Damn timezones. :t_rex:


Depending on point payout for regular hits, it may be efficient to do super attacks when you can with backup and use inner fires there.

This event is tough all around because energy only resets once a day. 25 runs with 3 IF is only 10k points a day but you use up like 300 IF during the whole event doing that. So not an option for most people. If you reset energy twice a day it costs you 120 energy packs for the whole event and you can afford to only use 1 IF per regular run to reach same points. 120 energy and 200 IF for the event is still somewhat steep to reach the 450 sigil mark. Technically you have the free attacks and wildfires that can account for probably 8-9k points if you grind out 4 energy runs 50+ times a day but that’s aids.

Just do your best without breaking your back. If necessary, be a leech and just spam your inner fires on the blackbloods hexes. You should be able to solo all the highest level ones on regular lands and monuments. I can do it with platinum Coatl no problem and I’m only 122. Cheers bruv.


Yep. I do my best to balance effort and, y’know, taking it a little easy. PvPs are so damn time and resource intensive in order to do well and I hate tiring myself out over a mobile game :rofl: IFs really go quickly. I have over 300 energy packs but never enough inners :expressionless:

Ahhh I feel guilty doing that sometimes when I know we’re fighting hard against a team. I can take the level 180s totally fine (god bless Fomhar and rider gear) and I get a decent amount of points, much better than if I was to attack a live player’s base :grimacing: :t_rex:


Fair enough. But it’s not like you’re being less helpful than every team member who scores fewer points than you (regarding the final team prize). Also, claiming blackblood hexes is useful to the team too! 137 base points for those blackblood monuments is juicy af.


Ahh, same! (Except I’m probably going for the legendary rage glyph :sweat:) Supers are efficient if you have the energy packs to buy 100 energy- of course, it’s better if you can grind single attacks.

It depends on what your team is fighting for, probably. If it’s a normal hex, contesting it just wastes points and energy on both sides, if it’s a minor, eh. 4 uncontested blackblood hexes give the same VP/h as a minor. If it’s a major…if you can’t take any of the bigger players, slowly chomping on blackblood hexes will help your team too. You should probably check with your leadership on that though.

Amen. Try comparing your Fomhar’s DPS to unruned, ungeared Fomhar’s base DPS in Sandberg’s Dragon Manager for a surprise.


Oh gosh that’s so many points :cold_sweat: Good luck!!

We happen to be next to a team that’s waving us with megas at the moment, so… that’s not happening today :rofl: :t_rex:


Defeat a base with the thought of using 2 dragons
the first go with addition spell and set thing up, the second clean up, the third is a guarantee if anything go wrong
the second and the third equip IF for flames and points
you maximize the point and minimize the energy used, each battle cost 1 healing potion, idealy

or get supper high level back up


Lol, same, but I manage, even if I have to stay up till 5 in the goddamn morning


Stock up on uncontested Blackbloods. It’s a lot of free VP, especially if all the other teams are wasting energy fighting each other. Even if your team is weaker, accumulating VP on blackblood hexes adds up, I promise :wink:

(Maybe I’ll post a pic of my thicc team poodle once the event is done?)


Woo, good for you… I have some late nights occasionally but this game doesn’t take away that much of my sleep time :see_no_evil:

Yes! :t_rex: