Question about effecient Inner Fire usage 🦖


Yeah, we already expanded by 5-6 areas, we are uncontested rn with the blackbloods areas, no one is on it seems…


Lol, it also doesn’t affect my sleep either


As promised!

The, uh, mutated lungs we ended up with?

Squished snail that was probably our peak, except our peak was when we held that other minor monument on the lower left, and two more hexes :^D

(Note that the first pic was taken the moment I hit 100k ;-; never doing that again on low IF stocks… Bronzes replenish themselves pretty quickly though, I think I opened 500-550 throughout the event and I started with 370, and am ending the event with 303)


Use 3 with a backer to fly bigger bases. Maybe do the math on super attacks to fly even bigger bases to see if the higher base points justifies the increased energy use.


I agree with most of the comments about using three with a strong backer to maximise your points. However this does put a strain on the backer if he or she is backing lots and lots of runs.


Yeah- you could swap runs with the backer to maximize efficiency, too :slight_smile:


Honestly I think it depends on a few things. How long do those fires need to last you?

Do you need to hit a certain point goal per event for a mythic or something like that?

Are you currently opening gold chests to refil used inners this season?

Are you spending to replace them?

How much time are you willing to use?

The fastest but most costly way to use inner fires is 3 per attack (if your doing a 4 energy one). But that’ll burn through them.

One per attack plus a follow is a very good method and very cost effective.

You could just use them to ensure you get five flames for wildfires.

Depending on events you could also save them for “high value moments” like attacking major monuments in kingdom wars.

I think it all really depends on what you want, how much you can afford to use, and how much time you have


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