Question about event rewards

Do personal event rewards change with level vor league of the Team? I am wondering whats better for personal growth with seasons rewards via events. To be with high league and strong Team mates or to be one of the high level members of a power Team. In fighting events good targets foe points are other Teams with mainly low level people. If the event rewards do not grow with league or level I would get way lower personal rating rewards if I am in a to string Team or league. Any advise?

Personal rewards doesnt depend on league. So if you are in Diamond, you get the same rewards as you are in Bronze. The only difference is, in Diamond, you will get maybe 1-3 defenders. And expect hammers and boosts dropping everywhere. Oh yeah, and you have to fly against lv300+ :laughing:. While in Bronze, most players dont have a clue of what they are doing, And you have to fly with lv60 top lol

Thats why you will see a lot of Lv300+ sand-bagging down to Platinium, or even Bronze so they can max out the event without any efforts.

Thanks. So it would be bad to look for higher league Teams with lower levels, I see

The rewards rely need to improve, now we put a lot of effort in event but rewards is just like a clap on our face.

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