Question about Hauheset

Hauheset is a great dragon as probably everyone who’s reading this knows, but I’m having trouble setting up bases with the following island 6 setup
————————————————High level perch
Red Mage——————Blue Mage
—————Blue Mage—————
Blue Mage——————Red Mage

The high level perch always kills (usually a one shot) before I’m able to get rid of the blue mages, does anyone have any tips to get past this?

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Only thing you can do is add on a reverse projectiles or something.
Probably easier to get a Lead dragon


Or just use 1 rewind to sand one blue, rewind then sand and blink the second 1


Isn’t there three blue mages in the island mentioned above?

As @IAmOnLeaveTeam said, 3 mages, so this won’t work ;-;

The 2 blue is right next to each other so it’s possible
Just double sand the front 2 blue


Ohhh right, thanks for the suggestion, let me try that

Good luck practicing! She’s a very hard dragon to learn, and takes lots of patience… and lots of healing pots… lots and lots of healing pots… but can be rewarding in the end when you master her :slightly_smiling_face:

I got it, thank you for the help! @moderators please close this thread

whoops! Thought the OP asked for the thread to be reopened. It was someone else. Closed again