Question about hitting Castle Guards / Taunters

Let’s say there is a castle with 3 taunters, 1k troops each. And 10 other assorted primes, 10k combined troops between them all. So 13k total troops, highest taunter 1k troops, highest other single prime has let’s say it’s a destroyer with 5k troops.

If I go in solo with 6k troops can I hit castle guards? What about if I go in with 14k?

Also are we hitting 15k gaurds at a time or 25k?

You can only hit the guards if your troop on primarch is bigger than the total troops of that team sitting on that castle. So yes, you must at least bring more than 13K to attack the guards.

How is the pirate life?

cool, is gaurds 15k now or still 25k like before?

its good i like it loool, just trying to figure out how to be the most efficient pirate out there :wink:

Every attack and defense loss is capped at 15K, regardless it is on primarch or guards.

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