Question about legendary ruin and mythic ruin for gryff

This I have a question if the legendary and mythic bloodrage Will stack or will it trump one another please need info on this
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The legendary rune and the mythic glyph will stack, and so will the Epic rune. These runes accompany the dragon in the season branch, and were designed/meant to be used together.
Of course you may choose not to use one or more of the runes - but that is totally up to you.

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not sure how i read ruin as rune from the start. -had to re-read to find out that he had typos in the title. :man_facepalming:t2:

any runes or glyphs that have different rarity can be stacked.

If the rune or glyph shows up to be equipped to a dragon, it will stack. Runes that can’t be stacked (i.e. two runes—or glyphs—that are exactly the same (rarity, name, primary stat and a secondary stat, if applicable), won’t even show up to be equipped in the first place).

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What Liz said is exactly right. Anything it lets you equip will stack.

One additional thing is that the spell has to be exactly the same to stack.

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