Question about Malus


Hi there,
Recently new to Atlas and I have just got Malus.
I was wondering if there’s a specific path I should be training him on?
I don’t want to screw it up :grimacing: I’m still waiting for event to hire him :slight_smile:


He’s just like swaan final tiers require like 30 skill points so don’t waste them.



only pick one skill per column, and you’ll be fine


Should I skip the rider stuff then?


If you started dragon xp, then skip rider, yes. You’ll have extra points at the end, but it’s safer to just go for a straight shot to the end, just in case the game bugs out and makes you pick something on accident.


Thank you very much :pray: After all that work to get him I would’ve lost it if I messed up training him :joy:


You basically have to choose between three major types (sorcerer, warrior or hunter) and then you also have to choose between two minor resists.

First skill is only one option.

Second skill you either want rider xp or dragon xp (I cant think why anyone would want rider xp as it will max eventually). (Do not do both)

Third skill is dragon hp and you have no choice.

The forth skill is either dragon xp or rider xp, but it comes with a second optional skill of which I’d personally use to decide. Optional skill is either dark flak resist or fire flak resist. I would pick dragon or rider xp here based on which one corresponds to the resist you want. If you don’t have either resist on dragons it won’t matter. But keep in mind riders do live beyond their initial dragon and you want to choose one which you feel will have the most usefulness over the life of the rider. I don’t know if we will see more fire flak resist dragons…

Generally I would wait to unlock the resist until last. Just in case a mess up happens you have some additional flexibility.

The next skill is dragon training cost reduction and you have no choice here.

The next skill is dragon healing time reduction and you have no choice here.

Next you have 3 skills for a Hunter (top) branch, a sorcerer (middle) branch, and a warrior (bottom) branch. Pick one. It is possible to mix some skills but in almost all cases it’s not a good idea. The third in the branch costs 30 skill points and won’t be possible to unlock until level 48

Be very careful while waiting to unlock the third skill not to unlock a previous skill, as there will be a few early on which it will default to and if you level them, you won’t be able to unlock either a resist or the third skill class based skill

When your rider is at 50 you will have exactly enough points to have one skill at each choice point. Which will yield you a resist and a full class based branch.


Oops, fixed.


I would prefer to get the rider xp at fourth skill because it will unlock the dark flak resist. But… i still made a mistake on Swann by choosing the dragon xp lol. So at the end I didn’t go further to finish the fire flak resist to save my shards for Malus. Currently using Swann on Pathox and she’s a perfect candidate for Itzani too for my future progression. P/s: I must be careful next time when leveling up Malus :joy::joy::joy:


None of the dragons I’ve used swann with can make use of either resist (dark or fire flak).

I chose mine based on what is most likely to maybe be useful.


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