Question about Marav

So I’m just generally curious about why Maravs Disembody spell is blue. I understand that not all dragons need to be great and it’s okay for some to just be worse than others but honestly I would love to see Disembody be a white spell. Sho has white blink to wait for ammo to refill, Morak has white instant ammo refill, I just don’t understand why it wasn’t or why it couldn’t be switched to white. This would make him so much more appealing since if he can’t kill the blue mage he’s just dead. The look is great, spells are fun but that spell being blue… I’ll say it, he feels more like a bad breedable dragon and you just use as a stepping stone in my opinion.

I thought about maybe QA worried he would be to strong but in that case just up the rage cost from 1 to 2. He doesn’t struggle with rage, minus being rage drained to death because of blue mage. Ultimately I would love to see PG make this change so people can look at this dragon as something to take with them for a while instead of just a discount to throw away.

But that is that. My rant can be over, I was just hoping to spark a discussion, make a change or help myself understand this choice for the awesome looking dragon. Thanks for reading you all :slight_smile:

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He is a legendary dragon , a white spell would give him mythic capabilities , similar to namaka . For a legendary he is quite good tbh .

Have you tried flying him with summon ?


No but I personally feel that answer is a poor one because like I said in my post, all the other Invokers have a safe ammo refill. Sho’s Writhe , Moraks Rapid Cooling, even Dross’s Smoke Cloud. All legendaries with a white ability to protect themselves for ammo refill or instantly refill ammo. Saying it makes them the equal of Mythic I think is reaching a bit much… but that’s just my opinion.

if the spell would be white he wouldn’t need a 50% resist against physical towers and that would give him too much potential .

however I’d invite you to read this thread Marav’s Disembody and use search function next time . @moderators can we merge this into the other thread please ?


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