Question about my breeding castle and incubator


I have 2 questions:

  1. When I level up my breeding castle, can I breed eggs before the castle has finished its upgrade?

  2. Same question for my incubator, can I send an egg to the incubator while it is being upgraded?


Yes, but only during breeding event, through the event icon.
2. No. Incubator has to be finished to incubate.


I thought you COULD send an egg to the incubator while it was upgrading. BUT it has to be an egg that was JUST completed in the breeding castle. I know you can’t add previously completed eggs to the incubator while it’s upgrading (and you can’t upgrade while an egg is already cooking). But I have had eggs incubating while the incubator is upgrading before. I distinctly remember one time where I had a lower tiered egg (think it was a rare or epic gold egg) stuck in the incubator past when the egg would have been ready to hatch because the incubator upgrade was not completed.

But my memory could be faulty. It does that sometimes :laughing:


No. @LizDrakemoor is correct. Only the just completed egg will be put into the incubator if it is upgrading. All others won’t work. And if the egg is finished but not the incubator, clicking on the incubator timer will release the egg.

To get to the breeding castle outside of event, go to research, find a tier where you don’t have enough eggs then click on the egg count. It will take you to breeding castle even if it is upgrading.

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