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I just obtained Neptus yesterday and I have a question. Does the healing cloak research heal Neptus during riptide? I would have to farm around 50 gold eggs to get this, I have the platinum already :grinning:. But if it does not there is no need to rush it.

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They are different spells, so I don’t think so.

No it does not; riptide is not cloak, so 15% healing while cloaked only applies to cloak, not riptide.

Bummer, thank you for the help, I’ll save my tokens for a second Garnett. Still love Neptus.

I’m envious and congrats on Neptus!

It doesn’t quite work anyway… save tokens for 5% hunter HP boost later down the line

Neptus is tricky to fly just like moon fang. you need to figure out the base before you fly in.
Overall, I like Avyx over Neptus as I can compare it when I fly on the same base. the cloak is really good for hunter. Neptus riptide is different…why ???
once it explode not only the nearby tower damage but the dragon HP also decrease.

do you encounter the same issue dear ?

Riptide doesn’t do damage to the dragon himself. It must be some kind of error

actually is the tower that don’t finish damage by riptide spell will cause damage to the dragon on the spot. that why here is tricky

So I have only been using him for a day, but I have not experienced this. I only damage the towers. What I do is a tidal surge to take out either mage or flak, then spread attack for debuff and damage followed up by riptide, this way I gain ammo back, tidal surge recharge, and bonus 25 percent riptide damage :grinning:

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is the spell called Cloak? no. its called riptide. :roll_eyes:

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