Question about passive damage buff

Ramnaught has the passive spell Combustion that increases breath damage by 175%. Is this buff factored into his total damage you see when you are selecting a dragon to attack?

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If compare my Ramnaught to other warrriors in the same tier my guess would he no as his attack is very similar (but not exactly the same - difference for me is probably runes ) to his peers - spells don’t seem to be included.

But we would need @Morreion or @Zamirathe for a definitive answer.

( If spells are included its hard to work out because perhaps different spells have different values and then research may distort that again. )

Is there some kind of resource somewhere that shows how displayed dragon attack power is broken down? Like what their formula is for calculating dragon attack power so at least I can maybe determine what it really should be so I can make better decisions on what bases I can and cannot clear?

AP and DP are mostly meaningless numbers… so no, not really, not definitively.

Learn what level towers you can take based on the relative level of player you attack and get a sense of their average research level. But there is no true DP or AP metric.


Those numbers are entirely meaningless. Things that literally do not affect damage or health boost it. It’s also entirely unrepresentative of how good a dragon is.

here how i attack towers
see the base level/tower levels comprare with dragon level (level requirements with base level)

I don’t think this does show in the DPS statistic on the attack screen. Comparing with Korgon (comparison with Charpent isn’t good practice as it also has a passive attack buff) you can see at a comparable level, they have the same DPS stat.

Damage increasing spells only affect the dragon‘s dps during battle. So the dps shown in the menu doesn‘t include the +175% breath amp. Keep in mind the 30% combat boosters work the same way

Regarding attack power (not dps) you can check out my thread here: Dragon attack power calculation

As others said before, attack power is basically meaningless. As an example, it gets increased by runes that have no effect on your dragon. So if you equip a mythic sorcerer attack rune on a warrior, it‘s attack power will be increased but the dragon doesn‘t benefit from it at all.

Hope that helps


you have forgot to check ramnought’s passive :grinning:

hunter has same damage/hp with all hunter, same with warrior to warrior, sorcerer to sorcerer and invokers to invokers.ts just the spell/passive makes dragon different from others
eg some has damage boost passive spell and other have damage boost active spell so the damage output will be different from each other until
the other dragon hit the active spell if both has same amount of boost.

You have entirely missed the point. The point being that the passive gets applied in battle and does not affect tue DPS stay you see on the attack screen. That was the OP’s question.

This is not correct. If you compare two dragons of the same rarity then then it holds up. If you compare a mythic at a legendary’s level cap, they do not have the same stats. Even when level capped to legendary power, mythics are stronger. Knowing this and how passives work is how I chose the comparison pair I did. It controlled for many of the variables.

why dont u compare legendary with legendary and mytic with mytic these two and rest normal,epic,rare have completely different stats

the stats in the picture are base stats any other stats from runes, research,rider, gear stats overlaps each other for eg 100 base damage and 100% stats from combine all the stats from these , that makes 200 and on the other hand the 30% damage boost stats gives 30% to 200 so it becomes 260, if im correct as we can see the attack power jumps to 30% although i would love to hear the confirmation from zami,morion or other pg member.

I thought that was exactly what I did? :thinking:

then this make my comment valid

30% combat booster are additive with research, runes, gear etc. so in your example it would be 100 base damage and then the buffs would be +130%
100 + 130% * 100 = 230


No, but good try. Your argument falls apart when you compare an evolving legendary dragon that is in mythic levels with a true mythic, e.g., lv 125 Ramnaught with lv125 Nockmar. At that point, the “all dragons of one type are identical” theory is nothing but wrong.

omg how the heck im gona make u able understand.
why the heck u are comparing damage output of arcanam dragon that too legendary with mytic artisan that can be level to max artisan tier.

here is the stats of two arcanam dragon phasma and ikti
if u still can’t understand, a specific class and rarity from a same tier dragons stats will be same,
the spell is the one (actually 5 if we equip spell) that makes drag different.
as for ramnought it has 175 % damage boost from passive,so it will do constant 175 % more damage than any other legendary warrior dragon from same tier.

Why are you still messaging? Well done for finding that :upside_down_face:

You are showing how you don’t understand.