Question about Portraits For Temple Raid

So I just got through all the orange guardians for the center island. I was just wondering if the portraits for the guardians are still available?

you get one per event, last event was ignias. and no, i doubt he’ll be available again.

Probably yes, after we have 3 more Temple raid…

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While on this topic, any chance these portraits will actually be visible in forums ? :thinking:

But in the description for the event is says the middle island unlocks potraits. They should make it available if it still says so in the “rules”. There is also no year listed in the portrait description. So why arent portraits unlocking this event?

They took a little bit to show up for me. I force closed the app, opened it back up and I got mine.

Oh I see now I got Glacias. So you only unlock 1 of the portraits? Is it random?

Each event one portrait is available. I am not sure how they choose, but everyone who completes it this event will get that portrait.

Ah ok, so this time around its Glacias apparently. Cool I guess, cycles around so you get a different one every time.

Yes it’s one type of portrait per temple raid. Each type has 2 portraits: the normal portrait for completing the shrine guardians with orange tier dragons and the Uber portrait for completing the shrine guardians with harbinger dragons.


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