Question about resist runes

Simple question that I couldn’t find an answer to. Do resist runes like Cannon Resist work on any dragon, or do they only boost existing resists?

I equipped a bunch of runes that say things like “improves resistance to cannon damage by 2.3%”, which seemed generally useful for any dragon. But after reading about other runes only working with very specific spells I’m wondering if these runes also only work if the dragon already has cannon resistance.

Pretty sure runes only work if the drag has the resists involved already

Now if you equip a temporary resist boost, I think the runes willl kick in for as long as that temporary boost is active. After that it’s back to doing nothing

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Aw too bad, so I’ve only been using them to have nice sparkly bits behind my dragon then… Oh well at least I’ve found out while it I was still just wasting rare runes and glyphs.

On the bright side sparkly bits are better than no bits :sweat_smile:

Yeah just disenchant whatever isn’t working unless you prefer the aesthetics. I generally just dust all the rare runes that don’t have rage/wisdom in the name but everyone’s got their own preference

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Your question is already answered but to give you some more insights.

Any resist either inherent or equipped gives 70% resist on a specific tower attack.

Having the resist plus the rune which adds another 2.3% you’d have 72.3% resist in total.

To build rage 70% is good when the tower matches the dragons tier (like lv 40 tower and maxed sapphire dragon) you won’t need that extra bit.

On the other hand 70% resist feels like 10% when you’re attacking a lv 50-60 tower with said sapphire dragon. The 30% damage are just too high to use it as rage builder.

I tested that on my mini with expert sekhem (inherent fire resist) vs a lv 48 fire turret.

Resist runes make especially sense when you’re attacking towers way out of your dragons tier otherwise stick to rage.

And be glad that it doesn’t add 2% resist to your dragon bc that’s like nothing and wouldn’t help you at all.

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