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Is Kayla worth getting if I do not have any air dragons worth a fart? I do not have any experience with riders and there seems to be little information about them. The question really boils down to are seasonal riders good without the armor. And is the armor specific to the rider?

You don’t need her armour, she can wear any Crafted Armour, of any element.
But if you get her, you need the whole first page, to get her to level 50. She cannot be leveled normally.

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Riders are useful, especially if you are not in Atlas (you can get riders for flying in Atlas but regular game only seasonals are available) and while the discount is active. The discount only applies to the first page but that is all you need to Max her level.

Riders add buffs to dragons like extra Hp, extra damage, extra xp and resist %. Riders can also be equipped to ANY dragon, it is the gear that is elemental.

The gear is universal, it can apply to any rider but gear in Atlas is better. I would suggest getting the first page of the rider, maxing her level and putting her on your favourite dragon with no gear. See if you like the bonuses. She is fairly cheap right now so it won’t set you back too much. I think approx 2300 sigils.

Edit: It takes 1 hour for the rider to bond to the dragon. To unbond it you will need to bond the rider to a different dragon


In comparison to grogg and the atlas riders, Kayla is not really strong. I use here as interchangeable wisdom rune. I did all the dragon xp abilities in her development branch and some training cost reduction. That‘s helpful for leveling obsidian dragons a little faster.
She definitely adds less attack power to a dragon then Grogg.


Kayla alone isn’t much of a boost… I have her at expert and I think it’s just a 5% attack and 6% HP boost (plus some added xp and marginal lightning resist IIRC). That said, i suggest getting her to expert while the first page is 50% off (as recommended above), and NOT worrying about the wind gear. Red said it all about the gear.

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  1. if I don’t get the gear here, which is expensive then I can get it inside Atlas ?
  2. If I switch dragon will there be any rubies charges ?
  3. Kayla has the lightning resist which add to the dragon like Consurgen which don’t possess this ability and will put in rune of lightning resist further boost it power ?

Thanks for the excellent write-up! I mailed it to my team … :hugs::hugs::hugs:

  1. Yes
  2. If she doesn’t have any armor, it will not cost rubies to change dragons. It will take an hour bonding time, which can be sped up with 60 rubies, but you can just wait the hour.
  3. Kayla does not add lightning resist to those who don’t have the spell. In other words, that effect only works on dragons who already have the lightning resist spell, or if a lightning resist spell boost is added on. It will not work on cons, it will work on whale. Runes are the same way.

@Lutrus for
2) How much cost to transfer the armor, any idea ?
3) In another meaning to mention that rider acts as a rune to the dragon, so if the dragon don’t have the lightning ability, we can add in the spell at the boost right ?

  1. 50 rubies per armor
  2. yep! You can equip a spell boost and it will work, but if no spell boost it won’t work.

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