Question about runes?

The team and I have been having a discussion about runes and need to clear up some confusion, thanks for your help in this.

For the dark flak rune to be useful, it is know that the dragon must already have that resist. Does the flak rune also work on dragons with elemental resist and adaptive resist?

It for sure does not work with elemental resist.

There’s some speculation whether it works on adaptive resist during the dark flak portion.


Basically echoing what Lutrus said.

PG has gone on the record in saying it should work in at least one case for Adaptive resist. I believe they made a similar statement about adaptive flak resist. Although I believe they also have claimed it didn’t work.

So it’s a mixed message and I’ve seen zero definitive evidence to show it for sure does or doesn’t work. Resists runes are hard to prove due to their small increase and limited ability to test, and large amount or damage flaks produce

Likely someone could do the math to find a matchup that SHOULD make the difference between a number of tower shots before the dragon dies and prove that with the rune it took one more shot, but it’s a lot of work for something that won’t matter much.

I rarely use resist runes. And I don’t use them on dragons with adaptive resists

Thank you, basically the conclusion we came to.

Hmmm so if runes might work for adaptive resist… Does that mean rider buffs would?

I’d wager if one works then the other does too.

Similar mixed messages on riders.

Would be easier to check then, if you have both a rider with it, and a rune attached.

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