Question about season time

I’m on Prospero 17, will I have time to finish him?

You mean prize 17? That would mean you’ve spent 2300 sigils on him, and have 28700 to go to complete the line. You will certainly not get that amount from event prizes alone. Depending on your event gains you’ll likely need to spend about 125k rubies to finish it.


Could I get enough to keep him useful, or will he just be a show prize?

That depends a lot on your level, how many sigils you expect to score in the last two events, and how many rubies you can afford to spend on super sigil chests. Without any rubies, likely not, better keep him at orange and use him for future temple events.

What level are you? If you have that many rubies just wait until next season and get a whole line

@AndurilVM Pretty low level still, I unlocked orange just for him.

He’s already pretty great right now, honestly, I just wondered how long he’d stay that way.

No what level are YOU?

:woman_facepalming: I know that. I’m level 28, so I did in fact just unlock Orange eggs.

Don’t put any money into him, just do what you can for the rest of the season. Start immediately saving all of your rubies, chests and items for the start of next season so you can get prizes on the discount dragon.


Makes sense. Honestly, though, I only wanted him for the literary reference :stuck_out_tongue:


Just in case, don’t forget you can rename all your dragons soooooo you can create any reference you want tbh :smile:

He’s very good actually but believe me on low levels dragons pass by so quickly and every next season dragons getting stronger so old ones are retired quickly too.
So like Mech said, invest only what you can get til the end of season, no need to spend more than that. Better get a whole big grown dragon next season :wink: just around the corner

I did rename him. There was just enough room for PrinceProspero :smiley:

Prospero is a very good dragon overall. Honesty he is worth going as far as you can for but I would not spend rubies on it. Not this late in the season.

Go as far as you can organically and enjoy him as long as that gives you

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I might get a rider then, honestly. I don’t have one yet.

If you can’t complete the skill pages I don’t know if it’s worth it. I think others may be of a diffferent opinion. Though it kinda depends on if you have gear

Screw the gear, I want the avatars.

ETA: I appear to be the only roleplayer on this site :laughing:

I guarantee you aren’t haha. At the end of the day as long as you get what you want out of it then your playing it the best way for you.

Switching now won’t be the greatest for progression. But if your not fussed and portraits are more important for ya then go for it mate. Have fun with them

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ETA: Think I could get at least the first of each avatar?

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