Question about shield and castle

I have a situation now that I am not sure how to resolve. One of our team members parked (accidentally im sure) in another castle during this event while the shield is up. I sent email to the offender but she is unreachable for now until she logs back again to move her primarch. Talking with the affected people, they are not able to attack my team mates primarch to liberate and resume their activities due to shield :sob:

Is there any way around it that we could destroy her primarch besides waiting for her to log in again?

Thank you

Tell them to drop their shield from the fort menu then kill her then reactivate the shield.

PS there have been many many similar threads lately, a bit of searching may have helped :wink:

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Sorry i was desperate… will check by search next time :heart_eyes: thank youuuu

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Can we do this when PVP event is going on?

yep you can

this is to prevent people from parking.


While you can always lower and raise your shields, during PVP shields is the only time that raising the shields does not have a cooldown period observed.

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I really think event shield mechanics should be explained in the UI since this is such a common question. v4.50 was supposed to make it so your stuff doesn’t get blocked while event shield is up but then the delay happened :woman_shrugging:t2:

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