Question about shields for event

Hi, this might be an odd question but one of our castles had someone from another team parked on it this morning. I went to attack them but got an error message saying that they can’t be attacked for the duration of the event.
The question is what event? It doesn’t look to be the main Gauntlet, or the troop training event, or something just for the weekend since we gained and lost a castle late Saturday. So just what is it that prevented me attacking?

PvP on Atlas castles is disabled while a PvP event in main game is happening—in this case, Team Gauntlet. :t_rex:

You can disable the shield on your castle, kill off the prime, and then put the shield back up. There is no cooldown to put the shield back up during pvp events.

Thanks. The game doesn’t make it very clear what event it is meaning in the message. And doesn’t mention anything about it before I tried attacking.
Not that it seems to work very well since we have conquered a castle during the gauntlet event - that’s why I was trying to work out what it was talking about.

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