Question about showing all the attacks at once in notifications


My question is how do I get all of the attacks on my base to show at one time it says I was attacked 6 times but only shows 1 is there a way to see all of the attacks at1 time and see who it was so I might be able right back. All mine shows is the last attack that was done on my base. What or how do I get to where I can see them all at 1 time


I have the same problem. It is an Android issue I believe.
Best workaround is everytime you log in, WAIT AND DON’T CLICK ANYTHING. Let your base load fully first. At some point it will shake and show the ‘you’ve been hit’ animation. After that ends, a banner or a few will show on top of one of the buildings on your main base. Click that and it will show u all the attacks on you since you last logged in. Screenshot that if you need a record. Once you exit that screen it all disappears and you will end up seeing only the last attack on you in the replay menu.

Showing attacks

Cool thank you I will try that.


Sure wish they would fix this, drives me crazy


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