Question about Skill reset

I would like to reset the skills of one of my dragon riders, but my main goal is to transform the rider from a defensive to an offensive rider. Is that possible with the reset skills?

Offensive rider doesn’t have defensive skill, and vice versa.
You can still use defensive rider as offensive rider (giving offensive gear), but none of the rider’s skill will be applied.

All skill reset does is clear out the skills you picked and return the skillpoints used (it stays at whatever level you have it at). It doesnt change a rider’s skills.

So if say you had Sophia and had gotten the Warrior and Sorcerer skills but wanted to use her on a hunter, then you’d reset her skills and get the hunter and sorcerer skills (for the rage) instead. The skills a rider has to choose from are always fixed once it is released (with the one exception of Grogg who had skills he wasnt supposed to have)


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