Question about the infamous summon a troop mechanic

@pgEcho good afternoon and I hope your day is great. I know you answered to the question on the mechanic in atlas about the troop summoning that occurred this last week. I had put in a ticket for this when it all started and ask if there would be any compensation for those who lost thousands of troops to this tactic over this same weekend before you answered the question. Knowing this was not an intended way for the mechanic to work, will those of us that lost money and troops with out being able to claim any land get to see any of that back? One of the support tickets suggested I come to the forum about the topic as it belongs in the hands of the devs with no eta on when we could get an answer. So… here I am.

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There will be no compensation for players having used this strategy. It was not a cheat, nor was is limited to only one team being able to use it.

This can be viewed as a combat balance change, as we would prefer this not be the go to strategy to defend a castle.

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