Question about this forum


Is there any purpose to getting badges/certificates in this forum? Or is it simply for a pat on your back for participating in something?


I think they should give out a nice set of steak knives for enough badges.


Yes or even just some rubies would do lol


It’s PG. all you get is a single knife… but it won’t have a handle nor will it be sharp… that’s extra.


:joy::joy::joy: so what I’m getting from this is that they don’t serve a purpose lol


Are you saying you are not super impressed by all my badges? I worked so hard for those!! (Yes you are correct… useless)


Actually the more badges, the more you can do. Badges raise the numbers of times you can post or reply or like posts in a certain time span.


I want to get all of them. Cos, you know, Pokémon


Can we have Team Quests for the forums? :sunglasses:

Every two people who get the Certified Badge = token boost time at the start of next season :tada:


Tokens would be a nice gift for getting badges :grin:


You all realise the forum badges are part of Discourse & have nothing to do with PG, right?


they’d be obsolete by the time you earned them as i’m sure pg will have released three nicer, sharper sets of steak knives…


:joy: We’re joking.


Do you mean I can get a cool knife to spread butter on my toasts if I get enough badges in forum?!?! I’m in!!! :smile:


No one said it would be cool…


I doubt it would be those gadget knives which heat up to spread the butter more easily. So, “cool”… Besides weren’t we all mostly joking? :wink:


Here’s a post on the Discourse Meta with more info on Badges:

There are a few badges that can be used as part of your title once you earn them too, but they’re usually much more rare. Badges can help give you an idea of who’s really active in the community and how helpful they’ve been.


Thank you !! That clears things up for me


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