(QUESTION) Am I able to design a seasonal dragon?

Hello @PGJared @Coach

I have a question, am I able to submit a design for a seasonal dragon? Or is that only a creators faction thing?

I’m sure that they are always open to ideas. Give it a shot no harm in trying.

I would message @PGKharnyx and @PGCrisis and see what they think of your design.

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Everything is better,then Formar(no offense)

What’s wrong with him? @PlayWithMeBebe

I like his looks & spells

Formhar is probably the best one rn lol idk what you’re smoking

Personally I think Fomhar looks a bit bland from the top/back when you fly him. And his wings have this weird angle thing going on. I absolutely love his spell set though :slight_smile:


I guess I can see that, fair enough

And yeah his spell set is amazing lol

I agree, Fomhar could look better

His concept art looked great. Translation to in game model…not so much.


I don’t think that topic was “design spells set”
Obviously,spells are amazing :roll_eyes:
But he is one of the ugliest dragons in game and I’m not only one,who agree with it
It’s his head and that strange sign on his head,which makes him look awkward

Awww. Looks like I’m the only one here who likes Fomhar’s design then. I named mine Pilot because the thing on his head looks like pilot’s goggles to me. :t_rex:

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I’m confused why I’m tagged though :smiley: Thank you for the thought though :smiley:

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It’s cuz you’re a factor :full_moon_with_face:

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Because you are in Creators faction lol.

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