Question and situation about player activity

A few people in the team are still in active status, they are

  • playing almost over 10-12 hours daily
  • highly active in the atlas
  • doing pretty decent scores in every event
  • doing all the event missions
  • doing zeppelin missions
  • sending resources to other teammates
  • talking in the chat, not always but something i need to mention
  • collecting daily prizes

What is the requirement to be very active, is there a check-list for activity?

They hit the very active but dropped really quick in a couple days every single time. I am in very active status for a year maybe. The only difference between us that i am buying normal game elite but they don’t


It’s also about chatting in TC, sending out rss and other things. It’s not just play time and doing missions


Is this the way it should be? The player needs to be talkative to be very active then but this doesn’t reflect the reality, not a big deal i know, but just something i wanted to talk about

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I don’t know, if that’s the way it should be. I guess, it’s related to the aspect of communication and with that coordination with your teammates.


Yes, I agree. You need to talk (or chat) a lot! Or at least from time to time to be very active! But I think it doesn’t really necessary have to be talking with anyone from TC &/or LC. What I do, tho, I created a group for myself ONLY where I would chat there anything. Sometimes I would type some random song lyrics there like crazy. Lolss… Becuase I am the only one very active in the team so it kind of frustrates me when no one is around to talk to. So yeah I thought why not just create a group for myself & chat to myself there! Lolss


Holy :cow: who are you guys? I’d highly recommend cutting down some time and doing productive stuff :sweat_smile:

On another hand, if it’s all about chatting, that’s quite dumb. But it’s also something that I don’t really see a point to fixing.


Y’all don’t kill enough in atlas as a team


Lol I can name a lot of high ranking atlas teams that I’d love to say this to but have that “very active” tag


But they “swap” together :rofl:


Yes swaps are the only proper way to do atlas seasons the rest of the time you should hide on infinitely deep castles playing troopville


It’s a consistent thing that’s annoying. I’ve brought it up before as well. We’ve gotten to the point that we don’t care about it, just like medals which also don’t work unless you spin around three times counterclockwise on your pinky toe when a blue moon is in the sky.


I wish my medals didn’t reset weekly then I could slack without being noticed… :unamused:


Every time i renew my atlas elite, i get back to high activity status :nerd_face::thinking:

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It doesn’t count tough, with one from those, we got a chat, and talking in the group really a lot, i don’t think we even missed one day without chatting there

My point was concerning individual activity, and one of them has 3m glory in the season, not the best but decent, not even a single swap if that is something


thanks for advice

I think it’s also glitched. I show as “active” despite taking more then almost anyone on my team :joy:


Its definitly bugged for sure. No matter how much you chat or play, it switches to active status even you play 10 hours a day :sweat_smile:

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Second only to me :kissing_heart:


Why on earth???

Then it sounds like you need a different team where people are…active.


The best way is start playing a game early enough, so you are literally at end game on day 1, then play for years never encountering a base or a prim at a higher level than yours. Be sure to use your top level to snag the most entrenched castle in atlas.

Then, after 3 or 4 years, start telling everyone else how to play the game, in spite of not experiencing anything they experienced. Also, lobby to get as many game rules changed as possible to make it impossible to attack up so you can kick back and never worry about your position of dominance…

This is why I need to be in the beta on the next game :slight_smile:

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Are you challenging me :nerd_face: