Question at the event

Today,the same player attacked and destroyed the same base of our team several times during the same round,is it fraud or error? Mr.Ryo of Japanese management staff did not receive a decent answer,so l came here for a question.

There are a couple explanations as to why that might happen:

  1. if the attacks were over the course of the 6 hours, then he can attack the same target again after hitting 15 people.
  2. if they’re immediately right after each other, the system hasn’t synced with his most recent attack and the target will appear to be targetable again. If this is the case, only his first run would count (and I would assume his rss refunded).

If the team is small (like 10 players or less) you can keep hitting the same player repeatedly.

The issue that you are having and it stems from your team being very small. Once all of the players on your team have been attacked, the lock is reset and everyone can be attacked again.

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There are 50 team members here and the opponent who attacked the same base within the same round has not attacked all of these bases, attacking high points of members several times in a row game.

The number of teams here is 50 people, all of you have not been attacked by your opponent, and your prediction is not true as we have been attacking this same base continuously in the same round.

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