Question for anyone that has this condition

I been diagnosed with MS=multiple sclerosis to this past Christmas Eve if anyone has this or knows someone with this I cannot say which one of the 4 types I have yet what can do to help with this?

I only knew one person with MS and he had a really nasty one, probably the worst. What helped him aside medication was a rigid healthy diet (with low fats if I’m not mistaken) and medium intensity regular activity.

Regular activity kinda hard for me hell walking alone is a challenge already

Worked with someone with MS in a high stress environment. He had a very very rigid diet and did a lot of cardio and some lifting. You have to stay on that diet and be positive, I never saw him have an episode at work in my 2 years of working with him.

I don’t know which one of the 4 types I have I don’t go to the neurologist until October 19th since there is not a lot where I stay

It sounds like the best plan is to eat healthy, exercise reasonably, and follow any advice that the four of them have in common. If they all have different treatment options and you aren’t going to know until October just try and be as healthy as you can until you know for sure.