Question for the mathematicians

If I have 800 silver chests saved up how likely is it I’ll get that mythic ammo rune in the potential drops?

I opened 1500 or so to get both mythic ammo and mythic rage. Probably got ammo after about 1100.
Depends where you are in the sequence, 800 is not enough to be certain you’ll get it.


I opened around 950 and did not get one. You could be lucky and get one or you could be unlucky like me. I did get 2 legendary ammo out of it so not horrible. As @Rituximab said, you’ll need more silvers to guarantee getting one.


About a 45% chance


I’ve opened 900 and 1160 on two different kw’s and didn’t get it unfortunately. If you want to guarantee getting it you will need to save around 1800.
If you can find someone that knows the sequence then you can open some and see how close you are but otherwise it’s a gamble with anything less then 1800. Imo that’s way too many and I feel it should at least follow the same sequence from event to event so at least over time you would be guaranteed to get one. I’ve only been playing three years but feel that should be enough time to get at least one.

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I hear that it takes around 1,800-1,900 it also took me about 1,800, so assuming its 1,800 its about a 44% chance.

Also, it just depends where you are in the sequence. So you can get lucky and open one and get it or unlucky and have to open 1,800


here open 1200 silver and not even legendary ammo rune . tyvm :heart:

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1818 for guaranteed one


i am sure if its right ,ill win it at 1818 :two_hearts:

I had 980 and I didn’t get it :joy:

Weeeee end of event with Mysterious branch silver boxes


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