Question for those who know about ADA and it's laws

Has anyone ever heard of the motel/hotel act?
Does it effect a service animal from staying with the owner because I been looking for weeks and still can’t find anything on this motel/hotel act

service dogs, as far as i know, can legally come/go with the owner anywhere except military bases.

unless something’s changed, that’d remain the same.

Service dogs cannot legally be barred anywhere except military bases.

Doesn’t this really depend on what country this is

USA the country

In the US, a hotel/motel has to allow a service dog and they cannot charge a pet fee for them either. They use to be able to ask for the service dog’s certificate, but they can’t even do that now. They can only ask if the dog is a service dog and what tasks it performs. And in the case of a guide (seeing eye) dog, they can’t even ask that because their task is apparent.

My mom has been blind with a guide dog since I was 13 (which was a really, really long time ago…), so that’s how I know this without looking it up.


Exactly what fits me if a person has a anxiety disorder which can be labeled as a disability emotional support animal to help with the anxiety but due to the hippa law they can’t elaborate on their disability am I correct?

emotional support animals ≠ service animals


Emotional support animal is on the fine line on this topic or I may be missing something here

From what I understand, the laws don’t apply to emotional support animals because they have not had any formal training as a service animal, so in that case you would need to find a pet friendly hotel and would most likely need to pay any pet fees they may have. You could always ask them to waive fees, but they are not required to.


From my understanding, emotional support animals can be barred from entering certain businesses, while service dogs cannot.

This is correct.

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Right and just about Right then Right again… now duck and look see you’re just about back where you started! So the ADAA. Being Federal in its placement does indeed transit abroad in some such cases whereas parties involved are of, from, bear or hold title or license thereof. However tedious maybe, sometimes helps having Civil Law which is arbitrarily Maritime; Pirates Beware! Now, in my State [NY] it is actually illegal for anyone not of Bar to give legal advice to any other - especially in writing and more so in context of any commercial endeavor (such as discussing hotels within forum of online venture]… and tho I’ve authored standing National Constitution - I’m not Bar… just wanna say due to Pandemic it’s near Marshal Law everywhere… and whereas pets can get and transmit Coronavirus … the only law I recommend citing is that you keep in your wallet… remarkably most folk respect that one law above all others - especially in Host and Guest Services! Good Luck