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Although it is war with a certain team A vacancy came out from the opposing team before tha war started after the declaration. But at the end of the war it was taken 250points and it was lost. There is no departing person from this team. How did the opponent team take 250points that should not be taken? There are two second account members in the other party,and the departing person before the start of the war seems to be the second account. If we change the name of the second account that has withdrawn and change the name of the newly joined member to the name of the member who left it,will war attack be possible? I was wondering because the name of the other team member had changed several times during the war

If someone on your team left at any point, you gave them 5 free flames so they could obtain 250.

If i’m reading it correctly.

The opposing team brought back the member who left to do their attack.

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Or the person that left their team after the declare came back to do his hit…

I think forSci and Mike hit this on the head.

Person X left, before the war started giving your team 5 flames.

Before the end of the war Person X returned and did their war hit for 5 flames.

I have seen this happen before, it seems unfair but it is how the war mechanic works.

It seems that there are many responses that the withdrawn members attacked and back If that is possible,will one member be able to participate in various team wars at the seme time? It is only good to stay inside the team at the timing of declaration,does not the act of temporarily borrowing a strong member temporarily go?

It is possible to participate in several team wars if you are on Team A and your team declares on Team B, then you leave and go to Team C and they declare on Team D and the move to Team E and they declare on Team F.

This is possible, but highly unlikely IMO.

There have been teams I have seen that will swap in a high player (level 300-500) to help take the big members if the team can’t take them out themselves, then swap back in the player who was booted and have them finish their war flames. This tactic gives the other team 5 free flames, however if your team is strong on defense and can get to 250 flames that they couldn’t otherwise, it is a way to win.

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Indeed,is it a strategy to win. That is not to say you. To members who have withdrawn unattacked after the war declaration It is not fair unless the right of attack also disappears. Fundamentally whatever the reason, withdrawal after the decision of war is the same as the escape of the enemy. It is strange that the eligibility to attack the escaped members remains. Operation does not know what to think by seeing this, but l hope that it will be a more equitable battle.

Same thing happened to us…it is a tactic they were using, kicking someone, then bringing them back…so you think they can’t get 250, but you can…

You assume that it is an easy win as only you can get 250 flames, but in the end, they get 250 as well.

I took screen shots of the whole process and opened a ticket in game regarding this last weak.

We tied the war they did that to us in, and have been declaring on them since…I won’t be fooled again…

They take a risk by giving you 5 flames, but your team should never ever be complacent in defence - that’s what we drill in my team - strong defence always irregardless if it’s a tight war or a “sure win”.

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