Question on Base Defence

I have a few questions and hope to find answers

  1. When defending a base with more than one defender, does it matter if the sword and shield is applied once, twice or thrice (3 defenders)?

  2. If you have decided to leave the defence, by when you need to exit the battle, with respect to the dragons approaching next island timing, that the AI super shots can be activated?

  3. Also on question 2, will AI super shot be activated if you have already applied on one of the towers?

  4. I don’t remember, how long does the sword and shield last effectively?

  5. When shield tower is activated, how long is the effect for
    a. Storm
    b. Earth flak
    c. Orrery

Appreciate if anyone can give me a confident answer.

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  1. No. The 2nd cast affects nothing for towers under the same effect. Not even lengthening the duration.
  2. Haven’t encountered this for defenders quitting mid battle (not during swap screen)
  3. See 2.
  4. 12 seconds since activated
  5. 2s all (Invincibility only). Extra 0.5s for storm after research.

Actually for point 1, it does extend. I tested that with someone recently since there was conflicting comments on it.

We had one defend and time it.

The shield last 12 seconds if just one placed.

If you put shield, waited 6 seconds, then put another, the shield will stay for 12 second. So it refreshes


Do you have a recording of that? I’ve seen the shield disappear just seconds after someone threw a new one on top of an existing shield so many times it seems somewhat unlikely to me.


Could that be lag though? A second before it drops and it registers a shield but also shows shield dropping so it errors out.

Without proof the other way that is what I would suspect

Yup. Here you go.

Recorded just now

I wait like 6 seconds or so, and drop another.

I repeated it a few times just to be sure with timing, and also had my timer going :relaxed:

Edit: apparently the video is still being processed? Whatever that means, thanks google drive :joy:


Dunno what’s going on with that video. After finishing processing it wouldn’t load :woman_shrugging:


Also. This is my timer for the first set of shield drops. I clicked “lap” on the timer when the green circle disappears (and the shield actually appears). And then again when the shield disappears

With a 6 second inbetween drops, the shield is visible for total 18 seconds.


Thanks! Very clear video, it’s obviously extending there just as you said.

Makes me wonder why it seems to not work that way so often in combat. Maybe it’s that you can’t extend a shield put on by another defender? But thanks for that experiment and recording it!

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Just don’t watch the end. I got distracted watching my kinnarix and then panicked thinking I had to do another example :joy::joy::joy:

I have also tested it with another defender, and seems to work the same way.


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