Question on Cleanup Dragons

I’m FINALLY getting the hang of Hau, at level 180, not bad :eyes: - Just one question;

Which dragon would y’all recommend for cleanup? I’ve just recently killed a base full of level 80 flaks. It wouldn’t let me upload the video, assuming because it’s over 2 minutes long? I used Iteru, the breedable legendary Sapphire sorcerer. I was thinking about Apophet, then remembered her little minion helper, so I went with Iteru, a dragon in the same tier with the same AOE destruction spell as Apophet.

After that attack, it had me thinking; which is the most effective for cleanup? Ember, Enki, or Iteru?

I should have Renard soon (then start on Emerald tier), so once I get Renard’s Umbral Spike, I’ll switch Iteru with Renard.

Those were just level 80 flaks, but would Umbral Spike on a Sapphire or Garnet dragon REALLY hold up against level 100 towers?

One quick off-topic thing; I noticed how Death Gaze on my Garnet Galgrim was able to cleanup the level 77 flaks that Iteru was unable to finish off, but when I tried with Ember in one of my unsuccessful attacks, he died. I found that really cool for some reason :joy:

Ember can’t clear level 80 towers or farms, unless maybe you’ve evolved it past level 6? Otherwise, you can almost hear the little plink as death gaze bounces off the buildings like a defused bomb.

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Renard is awesome for cleaning up.


With high level gear, ember can be very useful and has a low heal time to save on those valuable health potions you will need to keep practicing Hau. Beyond that any dragon at the highest tier possible with death gaze or umbral spike, including one of their variants, can work well. If the dragon has cloak to dodge stray towers shots, even better.

Other choices are dragons like Gorgonus and Frostbiter who also have C2D so you can use that for AoE autokill. There are a few variants of this spell that will work the same. Try them out and find what works best for you.


Okay, thanks!

Yeah, I’ve heard that.


Here’s another great clean up option a useful and friendly teammate with OP dragons those are the best clean up drags :grin:


If I remember correctly, ember hit his limit at highly gear 60+ towers so he can still be use at some degree.
Renard is awesome to follow hau, but to make sure that you try to be as rage efficiently as possible for renard,


Gotcha. Thanks!

Without evolving, maybe. This is not correct otherwise.


Any dragon with a combination of insta kill and cloak/shield will be a good cleanup.

After that it’s simply about power. Higher tier = more power = can insta kill higher level towers.


If you would like a clean up dragon for hauheset, Iteru does lovely and can kill any lvl tower, do need a lil bit of strategy to get rid of FF though (kill everything else an then one shot it and immediately use rebirth to not die, if you have a lot of rage runes on both dragons you should not have any issues)

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exactly what i’ve been doing. i have maxed elites on the rider i use on ember. :sweat_smile:


Ah yes, I forgot that ember can evolve.
If you evolve ember he will still be usable


I fly Hau nonstop and normally clean up with Enki


2M AP ember :fire::sunglasses:

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If you use ember give him a decent rider since that should increase the death gaze power if the do it correctly?

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Ok, thank you!

Yeah, Fire Flaks have been quite an issue. I keep forgetting the rebirth spell has an explosion that can unsend everything :sweat_smile:

Okay, thanks! I’ll try that.

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well, i wasn’t using any fire mythic hunters; i had no use for the set of said gears, so… :grin: