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Ok, @PGJared @PGEggToken

So definition of trolling:

The art of deliberately making people angry ; via dialogue, by convincing the victim to such an extent that they believe what you are saying is 100% factual, no matter how outrageous. It also involves deliberately giving false malicious advice, which they believe to be truthful.

Now, I see you banned/ closed a post that I had made regarding league structuring according to monetization.

And yes, I was obviously making a joke - I even stated this. No one that reads that post could honestly think I was being serious? I was not making derogatory comments, nor using foul language, nor insulting pg or its staff or other players.

Do you not think you were going a bit overboard locking it for trolling?

This is a serious question, since this seems borderline to censorship, and if you are going to be locking posts that poke fun at your aggressive monetization policy, you might get a much more cynical set of posts the next time round (please note: this is not a threat or implying I’ll do this. But humor sometimes brings out obvious points, without threads turning into company-bashing posts, where posts made in anger do.

So I ask you again, read through my post again, and see if this falls under your Code of Conduct, because it seems like over-reach to me.


Please see our definition of trolling instead of your own:

“Intentionally trying to provoke others or needlessly antagonizing other forum users / staff”

Also, please see the other section in the Code of Conduct:

“Be Civil
Be Constructive”

Your post wasn’t constructive and was clearly intended to provoke. There are far more constructive ways to address issues. As far as censorship goes, yeah we 100% censor things. You can’t go on racist tirades, you can’t threaten to kill people, etc etc. This is a forum owned and operated by a private company, so we maintain the discretion to remove posts or edit them as needed.

You’re welcome to be as critical as you want, but you’ll need to make sure it’s constructive.


I did read your code of conduct, and it obviously did not needless antagonize or provoke forum users or staff.

Doesn’t matter, I will not remake it nor make similar posts.

You perhaps need to look around Line a bit and see the videos people are sending around about your company. I was trying to be less insulting and make it clear. Its called Satire.

To a side note, obviously racist tirades, threatening to kill people etc is on a different level.

Its not a huge issue, just need to know where you stand. All that will happen is bad publicity will get published all over areas you can’t control.

There is a viral video about this same thing - level 60 towers, that has been shared a couple of kk’s times on Line. If you want I can send you a link to it – censoring your official channels, will make people post stuff like that on platforms you can’t control. That is all.

I won’t be reposting similar threads in the future - what was said in jest, will simply be echoed in anger by others.


A Modest Proposal was satire. Your post was, generally speaking, antagonistic sarcasm. We allow satire as well as sarcasm, when it’s done in a constructive manner. “why not remake all the leagues to be based around player spend” is obviously not going to happen and serves no point. You’re not furthering an idea other than “I don’t like that players spend and players who spend get an advantage”.

If you want to make a salient point about what you consider to be greed on our part, go for it. There are a number of posts on the forum that criticize PG monetization that we leave up because they’re constructive and they make a point whether we agree with them or not.

As for people posting things outside of the forum that wouldn’t be allowed on the forum; that’s on them. I’m sure folks on LINE and other tools say things about myself and the rest of the PG team that vary from mildly insulting to likely illegal, but it’s not something we can control. If people want to come onto this forum they will need to holster their insults and conduct themselves in a civil and constructive manner.


Point taken.

I’m one of the players that spend tens of thousands of dollars on your game, as such if thats the message you got from my post, its missed anyways.

Anyways, I’m out


For info, I’ve never seen a post on any forum that is derogatory or defamatory to specific PG employees. Yes I realise some people are unhappy with some decisions made by PG, but it’s always just generic “PG” people are unhappy with, not specific people. Other than @pgCampusLifer who we all love because they work to make the game fairer for everyone.


Gox’s Previous post was a more off the wall way of trying to tell you (PG) that your game is getting disgustinly greedy. You don’t seem to be listening to the many other posts on this topic as no changes have been made to show otherwise. So I would argue it was constructive…

Just sayin


I will try and make this as civil and constructive as possible, as I enjoy reading and very occasionally posting on these forums…

So, selling children for food is “satire” but sorting teams by amount spent is not? Both are equally ridiculous. I found Gox’s post to be satirical and humorous. I did not take it as sarcasm, antagonistic or otherwise, nor did I take it as a serious effort to get PG to change the league structure. I got a quick laugh out of it and moved on to the next post. It did not foster any hatred for PG or make me think differently of the game than I do. Actually, I thought it more poked fun at the non-spending players who complain that they should get everything that spenders get.

Closing the post; that does make me think differently of the PG team/moderators, sadly so as I thought the new forums were open to a much wider audience, fresh voices and therefore more representative of the player base. That said, by the definition of trolling and the 2 items in the code of conduct you quoted, there are many individual posts, as well as some threads, that should have been closed long ago due to incivility, lack of any constructive purpose, or being needlessly antagonistic to other forum members.

Yes, the forums are owned by PG and you make the rules and interpret them as you choose, but it seems somewhat myopic to choose to close what was obviously a humorous piece of satire and to ignore serious breaches of your code of conduct.


A Modest Proposal is considered to be a perfect example of satire, which is why I used it as my example. The locked post was an attempt at satire, but fell flat and wasn’t really appropriate for this forum.

If you feel a specific post or thread deserves to be closed please flag it and we will review.


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